urph 1: trappist monk 0

if you don accept my writing den you be racist. moran likely rich and white.
but lessus put dat aside.

boffins admit dat the trappist star system problee haz NO urph like planets and moran likely non wiff life. duh only thing urph like about dem is der sizes.

duh boffins admit dey jest wanted to hype duh discovery. the most powerful telescope invented by man shows trappist as an array of 3 pixels.

seems doze images making duh rounds on dee inner tubes wuz just fan art, or as boffins say “artist’s conception”. dat iz boffin speak for bullshit or as we say today fake news.

all the reports were using terms such as “only 39 lite yeerz away” sort of like saying “granma iz a 2 hour drive”. FART! we aint goan to trappist and our chillenz chillenz chillenz aint goan to trappist.

boffins have to maintain deer lifestyle of goan to swank conferences to get funding for more swank conferences so dey…um…embellish fakz a leetle bit.

until new horizon got to pluto no one, not even the black karl saygon, neil degassed tyson hadnt a duke of an idear about anything about pluto. pluto wuz a few pixels or a wave form of some spectrographic lines dat we kud infer from.

did i say black? i meant dark like in dark matter or dark energy.yup datz it. neil degassed tyson is dark. aint deer things we kaint see about him? like hiz soul? things dat doan add up? dark matter iz all around us so we can safely call tyson dark. he sez so hiz self. regular matter makes up 10% and dee rest iz dark. itz clumped around all of us all dee time. it aint some thing far away at dee edge of duh galaxy.

life’s dirt sticks to us all.


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