mek yuri kap sull

i haz ben watching old nasa and are force videoz on YO!tube. i watched won about the merk yuri space program. the merk yuri kap sull wuz made of 3 shells of titanium. duh inner won weer duh astronut sat wus only .010″ thik!

duh middle won wuz also only .010″ thik!

and…duh outer won wuz only .030″ thik! for a grand total of .050″ thik!
kan you reed a ruler? do you unnerstand fractionz? are you white or sum utter race? .050″ iz less dan 1/16th of an inch. FART!

holy shit! titanium iz purty tuff stuff but dat kap sull went true a lot of environmental extremez, doze astronutz were won brave group of menz. i like to pretend my tax doughlers go to stuff like is instead of carpet bombing women, childrenz and dee elderly. still, duh atlas rocket dat launched merk yuri wuz/is/will be an inter continental ballistic missile for sending @tommik war hades to russia.

i strongly recommend you watch dis video. YO!tube link may go away becuz google.


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