steven cobert goze free!

steven cobert sed dat donald trump iz valdi’s cock holster. the FCC sed dat iz fine n dandy.

shudnt eye be able to say dat O!bama iz a knicker?

aint it duh sam ting?

aint it?

O!bama bombed all these mozlem countries and caused a big forced migration. many people, the childrenz, the old, the sickly died on the way. some drown dead, some froze to death, some kilt by enema snipers. women raped.

and now we have terror attacks in all doze countries dat tuk in these so called refugeez. O!bama iz/wuz/will be duh commander in chief. why didnt he put a stop to it? why did he allow duh uhmerikan military to bomb hospitals 3 times?

if you make excuses for him dat meenz he iz a knicker and you are a knee grow.


uhmerika iz a zombie nation. walking dead. just doan know it yet. itz sad, very sad.

bye duh bye, i didnt vote for trump or hillary or O!bama. TPTB givz you a choice of an assholes or two and you go at it with each other. you lose. DUMB ASSES!

have a nice day. itz all gud.




this is an uncompensated review of yi 4k action cam.

i done did do get won to do traffic studies. i thought it wud make a good dash cam. it’s heavier than a dash cam. i cudnt find a suction cup to hold it proper.

it sat around for a long time until one day i red a review were it did 4K TIME LAPSE MOVIES!

the interval is adjustable also. i tried it out. it works real good. so good i haz to toss out my old skool 4:3 minDV camcorders.

the yi haz a time and date stamp and records up to unlimited files. i have it set for won minit.

B and H sells ’em for $199.99. it uses micro sd up to 64 gb. comes with a usb charging cable. that’s it.

it doan compare to the canon powershot g7 mark 2. the yi dont have a zoom lens or more adjustable manual controls.
heerz 2 video samples.