road hazards

today i drove on a country road all “s” turns. i saw a bicycle and traffic was in the on coming lane so i slowed down. the bicyclist had a side view mirror, he must have seen me. as i dove past him he kicked (punched or threw something at) my car.

i was doing 30 mpg. if i hit him he would have tumbled. i saw him pedaling his bicycle in a normal fashion in my rear view mirror as i pulled away. let me restate that, if i hit him at 30 mph he would have tumbled. he would have been laying in the road. he didnt even break his stride.

i had slowed down to increase control of my car. i could not swerve into on coming traffic 2 cars were there. it was unwise to brake because a guy in a big suv was right behind me.

the guy in the suv swung full out into the oncoming lane but luckily no cars were coming by then (but what if there was?).

i flipped the bicyclist the bird (i shouldnt have done that). i always slow down for bicyclists on country roads with “s” turns because of limited sight distance. i dont want to have a head on with on coming traffic or run a car off the road. i had another bicyclist scream at me last year for slowing down while passing on a country road with “s” turns (in the rain!). why is that?

did i mention all these roads have no side walks but there is a shoulder there and a white line. slowing down is the best thing to do. why did he punch or kick my car? it was 90 degrees F and maybe he was dehydrated and angry or pissed off and not thinking clearly. it remains poor judgment to kick a car that is slowing down, i.e. yielding for you.

i called the local police dept to see if anyone reported anything at the time you can see the time stamp on the video. NOTHING! what does that tell you?

here’s the video of the approach:


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