bower 8mm f/3.5 fisheye

besides owning a bower 14mm f/2.8 i also own a bower 8mm f?3.5 fisheye for k mount. i think i paid around 300 uhmerikan dollars for it.

cheap k mount lenses come with the AE chip for camera controlled auto, Av, Tv and manual adjustment. other cameras do not. the same lens is full manual.

for the price this lens is fun. itz not full full circular fisheye. it fills the apc sensor. everything is curved at corners.

i use it on a used pentax d100 6 megapixel. itz a good match. good for klawd porn and archie texture. itz sharp enough to crop.

dis iz inneresting. if cropped enough the central portion is rectilinear. when stopped down it haz very little vignetting in corners.

itz usable for wide field astrophotography if you dont mind high ISO noise.

auto AE lens for other cameras cost twice as much. no can do. i didnt see it on b&h today so i am wandering it it is discontinued. itz a collector’s item.

except for the permanent attached lens hood it appears to be all metal construction. itz small and lite weight about the size of a prime or kit lens. it iz much smaller and lighter than the 14mm f/2.8.





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