solar powered lawn mowing

i done did do mow dee lawn today using a portable solar power generator cart.
dis spring has ben much klawdee.
lucklishly i had won solar cart all juiced up and ready to go. i wuz about 3 pm EDT. it tuk 30 minnitz or so. the inverter readout indicated 13.9 volts at start and 12.7 wen i finished.

i haznt ben able to solar brew coffee or make oatmeal much dis spring either. early today i wuz foggy dork. dee sun didnt break true until 10:30 or so. i rushed the cartz out to capture foe tonz.

hawt dam! 90 percent hum did it tee and 83 degrees F. i only did the front section becuz it looked too ragged.

last yeer it wuz sunny almost every day all day.

i aint complaining. i red dat duh grape stake of new jerky haz a 50% average sun/klawd ratio any way. too much sun one period, too much klawdz next period for dee average to stay dee same.

i can only do wut i can do. i am still glad i stuk it to duh man and hiz 15 cents a kill a watt. FART!



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