krispy krisp, fat pig

i live in dee grape steak of new jerky. the state house and senate decided to close the goobermint down and the goobernator, krispy krisp went along wiff it.
it bean a holler day week end all dee state beeches and parks are closed. i’m ok wiff no goobermint becuz it is ineffective and too expensive.

BUT! krispy krisp tuk a vacation to island beech state park and had the 10 mile long beech all to hiz self and famblee. holly shit! wut a fucked up state i live in. IN YUR FACE, CITIZEN!

a drone captured the video of him and hiz famblee all alone on a wide beech. he sed sumpin stupid dat becuz he wuz wearing a hat he didnt get no sun. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!

i didnt vote for him the first time nor the second time. i remember all these fat old white guyz swaggering around when he got re elected. well, he got the asshat vote fer sher.

krispy iz out in a few months so he is racking up time on the state helicopter.

i suspect dat murphy will get in becuz hiz ads portray him az yur kindly rich uncle, exactly like the ads corzine used. they both be gold in my sacks alumni.
indeed, i expect murphy to be corzine 2.0.

you can expect the voterz of new jerky to pick the worst possible candidate.
florio, whitman, mcgreevy, corzine, krispy. need i say more?

i gave up voting becuz deer aint no won to vote fer any way. a long string of incompetent asshats dat lied, lied, lied.

democracy iz already broken. when a voter haz to vote for bad men, women or transgendered wiff out the option for a yaller dawg den i say itz time to stop voting.

my taxes keep going up and up and services keep going down and down. itz duh uhmerikan way.