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julian ware:
“This infuriates me. I really don’t know how to say what I’m feeling in a positive way. Something about entitled rich kids with no talent or experience who know people with less talent and no creativity but a lot of money who want to invest in pointless crap because they have no clue what people want, what sounds like a good idea, or what might make money. The whole things is a waste and a testament to the excesses of startup culture entirely disconnected from anything important that might motivate people to do something useful or beneficial or even just worth anyone’s time. Too many people told these dolts that they had a good idea. The kind of hipsters who fear contradiction. The kind of people who say nothing as fascism becomes the norm. The kind of people who simply sit back and watch the culture devolve because they know no better. End of rant. But, yeah, let’s PLEASE try to tell people when their ideas are shit BEFORE the money is wasted.”


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fair use, important social issue, blah-Blah-BLAH!

“John Harrington April 30, 2009 · 6:46 pm
It’s time for a large number of New Yorkers to move out to the central plains where a more livable city can be built from scratch.

New2York would have free public transport paid for by the electric co-generation system that harnesses wind so effectively, all residents get unlimited free power.
The excess money collected by selling electricity back to the grid would go into food production and all residents would get free food, with the surplus sold to backward cities that are operated the way the original New York operates.
The excess food proceeds would then be directed toward high quality public housing, which would be, of course, free.
In fact, in New2York, everything would be free, including the money, whcih would be equally apportioned to everyone for just being there.
In this manner, it would be impossible for a person to get sentenced to two to four years in prison for nicking the MTA by folding one of the MTA’s flawed rider cards to fool the flawed card reader.
There would simply be nothing to steal.
Unless, of course, you handle other people’s money – there’s always plenty of that to steal, right Bernie?”