spring 2018 solar power

sunday 8th of april i done did do use me off grid solar carts to brew coffee and make oatmeal. sunday was actually sunny and i was able to recharge bat-trees after usage. i made $5.20 from the roof. monday i made $4.83 from the roof. this is after a winter where the roof was coated with almost 2 feet od snow for almost 3 weeks.

on the 10th light snow is predicted and then warm, warmer and warmest for the rest of the week. warm AND sunny they say which means i can shut the heet off and really make bucks.

even on mostly cloudy days the roof made over 3 bucks but bean cold the heet was on. however, once warm sets in and longer dayz i can make money on cloudy dayz.

i had the pik chure winders in the sitting room replaced and when it gets too hot i kin open dem now and let all duh hot air out of the house to reduce A/C costs.

in other newz i can go for 75 seconds on the bicycle generator. i want ter git up to 5 minnits. den i kan start pulling juice out of dee system.

if i remain “retired” i’ll have lots of time to do off gridding. it adds up, 750 watts here, 350 there.

all i wuz able to do this winter wuz top the solar carts off on weekends saving them in case of mains interruption due severe weather. i only had one 3 hour black out in january when it wuz single digits. it happened in the morning and clear sun kept the sitting room and living room warm. as the sun rolled over to the other side the power was restored.

there were a few other times this winter with momentary interruptions but i got lucky. back in 1984 an ice storm knocked mains power off for a week and then hurricane sandy was 8 days.

to be fair all i can do with my off grid solar carts is brew coffee make oatmeal, have a light on or use my laptop. but that is way better than nothing!
that’s if the mains power was out. the solar carts are still ideal for off gridding many tasks, the electric lawn mower, corded power tools, kitchen gadgets and much much more when the sun is shining and the grid is up. why purchase electric when i can make my own?


why is every one mean and nasty?

i just had a mean and nasty boss. quit my job i did becuz i felt like i was goan ter have a hart attack. it’s been 2 weeks now and i feel much better.

only back in 2016 i had the best boss ever at the previous employment. i’ll give him a made up commom name, tom. tom was cool and understanding and supportive. we had a great rapport. mebbe becuz we were both irish. i got hired at the end of may 2016 and on january 2nd 2017 tom goes into a meeting and never comes back. well, the plant manager comes in a few hours later and says they let tom go! i never did find out why this happened. tom had a great reputation in the company.

he was replaced with a fellow i shall call be-bop. be-bop was a sigma black belt. he was hand picked by the CEO to turn this division around. be-bop got in everyone’s face and stirred things up. i went from being a mechanical inspector to a paper pusher. i kept asking him for a dollar but no dice. little by little be-bop changed. he become entrenched in the way things were done. that’s not to say he didnt change things. he did. lots more traceability through paperwork mostly.be-bop lost his job after one year, the same as tom. i met a person still working there and she told me.

i found a new job in october 2017. only after i handed in my resignation did the company make me an offer of more money. i left.

but i got the boss from hell, made up name joe. i guess we didnt get along with each other becuz we are both irish.

i suspect he gave me the business becuz he hated the owner’s son who just happened to hire me. i’ll never really know. joe sez he is the great guy who goes around helping people, except for me. i know because he told me he wouldnt help me.

there is a big difference between tom and joe. tom never went around telling people how great he is and all the good things he done. oh, sure i talked about “the old days” with tom and sort of exchanged experience. tom wasnt must of a bragger.

joe was a bragger and blew his own horn loudly and often. he berated who ever wanst around. joe gets to keep his job and i get to scramble.

i noticed that almost 1/3 of the people i meet are just like joe. mean, nasty, loud mouths prone to back stabbing.

i live in the grape stake of new jerky and it could be the effect of the NYC metro area. i dont like it. i aint naturally mean and nasty.

the GF, the ex GF threw a sponge at me the last time i saw, this after me picking up thai food for dinner. she was aiming right between the eyes but pulled back at the last second. she had a mean nasty look on her face.

she called me a few days later. she wanted me to by tickets to a live music show at a historic pub. i passed. i told her to find some one else to throw sponges at (OLD HAG!).

she was acting ornery for 3 weeks and bad company. when you dont have a GF you save lots of money.

i admit to spilling some take out sauce on her place mat but there was no reason to explode like that. a year ago her eye got infected and she couldnt see out of it and had trouble driving and i was there for her. after she got better i noticed little by little she was getting mean and nasty.

i see it when i got shopping 1/3 the people look mean and nasty, just waiting for law and order to break down so the can go around killing every one.

what is causing this out break of mean and nasty? @tomque rays? “r” pollution?
GTA? i suspect it is only to get worse. i am becoming a hermit.

last day of march 2018

march 31 had deep blue sky and no clouds. plenty of sun lite. it was cool at first but by afternoon i tuk my coat off. i was doing some yard work and “home improvement”.

the solar panels were finally clear of snow and i made 45 KWH. that is $6.75. at a 30 day rate that would be over 180 uhmerikan dollars! but bad news…march came in like a lion and went out like a lamb…to slaughter. april 2nd predicts 4-6 inches of snow.

it’s possible to get snow in april, even late april. i remember one big giant snow storm 40 years ago in april and lots of flurries in other parts april. 4-6 inches is sort of a big deal even for the 2nd day of april.

the whole previous week before the last day of march was cloudy. now the whole following week after the last day of march is to be cloudy. today being mostly cloudy until late after noon the solar panels only made 16 KWH or $2.40 which would only be 72 uhmerikan dollars at a 30 day rate. that would be enough for hot water and lights, plus there is only going to be longer days for the next 3 months.

maybe we will have a legendary “year without a summer”. if i dont have to have a/c on i will still save a ton of money. a cool, cloudy summer works for me.

i got one more scoop of bird seed which i will chuck out after the snow stops. i’ll pick up one more 2 pound sack to tide the birds over until spring belatedly gets here, if ever…

today was pretty dark in the morning but i was able to use a solar cart to cook oatmeal and brew coffee. the battery charge was 13.1 volts and went down to 12.4. it recovered to 12.6 so i will have to roll it out the next sunny day.

i plan on doing that a lot to off load any watt i can off mains power. as my heating needs drop, it’s supposed to be in the 60’s F on weds, i’ll really be able to be a watt miser.

this winter had enough snow and frequently that i could only maintain the charge on my solar carts. i was so afraid of a major outage i didnt use the carts for any off grid savings.

my brudder only contacts me once a year around our birthdays, me in february and him in march, to put the touch on me. i sent him 50 uhmerikan dollars. i dont expect to hear from him for a long while.