dirty rotten C.O.P.s

datz right imma C.O.P. hater. i bought a certified used toyota back in ’12. during the 100% warranty period the car died and i got it towed to dealer. they wudnt tell me what went wrong. even the paperwork wuz vague. something about a sensor. sometimes i wud step on gaz and nuttin wud happen. finally crapped out.

it ran after service but it always hesitated just a little. i changed the plugs at 70k miles and i often changed the “r” filter.

just few days ago after i had the front end aligned and new tires on the front the check engine light illuminated on dee way ter work. it stumbled twice but i got deer and back ok. lucklishly i haz OBDII reader and it gave code p0351 primary secondary coil malfunction.

an inter tube search indicated the #1 COP which is coil over plug. back in dee olden dayz carz had won ignition coil that wuz “distributed” to each spark plug by a cap and rotor mechanically inter locke dto timing gear. it’s all dun “E” lectronically nowadayz. each spark plug has a coil sitting on to of it.

in the olden dayz you had to replace the rotor and cap becuz the spark wud corrode the contacts. the coil never went bad.

well, this coil went bad, one of four. after market replacement wuz 75 uhmerikan bux. old tyme coils were 35 bux. but at least once a yeer you had to replace the mechanical parts, mebbe 25 bux. so actually replacing this COP is way cheaper over the ownership period.

will duh udder wonz fail? mebbe, mebbe knot. the replaced COP had orange dust on it. i pulled duh udder tree and dey had orange dust. i wiped it off wiff a clean rag. duh orange dust is duh insulating boot breaking down from high voltage leakage. warnt burnt true but i seen some carbon on dee plastic nose duh rubber boot iz attached to. i know now dat when car stumbles it will mean failing coil.

the #1 plug didnt “snap” when i unscrewed it. prapz bean a bit loose let some combustion gases leak by. udder wize it looked ok. i replaced it and tightened it up some more. i tightened up duh udder plugz wiff out removing dem. although i bought replacement plugs i figgered i’ll do it on a nicer day.

the auto parts clerk gave bosch plugs dat didnt fit and i buttoned duh car up and returned dem. i hex changed for auto lite which are correct size and i get a gift card rebate.

ebber since i had dee car it intermittantly stumbled even after warranty repair but dee check engine lite never ever came on. for dee past 2 yeerz it haz ben annoying with the stumble but knot always. duh new coil haz seemed to eliminate diz problem. i’ll be driving it for duh wek and i’ll know for sure.

yesterday i pulled the code and erased it. i hosed off the MAF sensor with special cleaner and put in a new”r” filter den drove it. well, after 10 miles or so duh check engine lite came on again wiff dee same code.

it bean very rainy all i cud do iz park dee car and research. datz wen i red about dee orange dust.

diz car has over 115k miles. when i replaced duh original plugs i had to lean into it to snap duh seal. in fact it was scary tite. i put some anti seize compound on new plugs and i thought i crushed duh compression ring but mebbe i didnt. i cud have contributed to duh coil failure. anti seize compound residue on duh plug well coming in contact wiff duh boot.

i had to have duh positive and negative bat tree cables replaced a few yeerz ago. i noticed today one of dee ground wires was pooty corroded so i replaced dat. diz engine haz ground wires all over it. boffins say dat poor grounding can cause all sorts of strange problems.

the body iz just starting to rust and it is high milage. the a/c compressor failed. i had the struts replaced all around so mebbe i’ll just drive it into dee ground and toss it. udder wise it haz ben extremely reliable and cheap to run.

1st world problems.


GMO hogs

mmmmm! CRISPr bacon….mmmm!

sumpin electrically kwear

i called up the electric company to make the april payment and the recorded voice sed i haz a 62 uhmerikan dollar credit. usually in may and june i play katch up becuz estimated billz true dee winter.

winter 20186-2017 saw me owing almost 8 hunnerd bux! last summer i had the pik chure winder in the dining/sitting room replaced. double special glass cost me big bux. well, the old winder cudnt be opened and the glass had fogged up inside and the framing was just 2×4’s all getting dry rotted. i done did do it more for cosmetics but efficiency played a big part also. of course the sales man praised the wanderz of scientici design and hi-tek construction.

it just seems dat mebbe the sales man warnt jest blowing smoke up me ass. i noticed dis room always red 64 degrees. i did open the drapes to let sun in. i dis off load coffee brewing and oatmeal cooking to solar carts when i cud.

if i saved 800 buxs dis winter and mebbe another 240 bux true dee summer den i can expect to recoup the winder cost in 6 yeerz. not too shabby. plus i get to look out a nice winder also.

becuz each panel in the winder (4 of dem) can be opened any pleasant evening i can enjoy cool breezes instead of a/c. dat means the roof panels will be sending juice back inter dee system making me meter run backwards.
still it wuz quite duh shock.

on the 5th day of may i brewed coffee, used electric blower and lawn mower to all wiff dee solar cartss. today bean klawdy i had to use mains power. boffins say more sun den klawdz dis week and i shut hot water off when at work or over nite.

during duh day when temps reach 80+ i will still have ter run duh a/c but at least i can kick some of dem off over nite.

wiff any luck i can stick it to the man dis summer. i get “free” a/c anyway but if i doan have ter run it as much i get some sort of credit in october. so making a few bux iz better dan breaking even.

udder poor souls haz to kawf up 100-200 bux a month to cool house. itz inneresting. i often ran a/c 24/7 and duh house wuz at 80 degrees. even during cool evenings i cudnt get the hot air out of dee house. datz wear deez new winderz kick in. duh old winder wuz leaky hole in winter but heat dam in summer.

maybe i’ll buy me self a new toy to celebrate.