chem trails are real!

i see chem trails all the time. i took some photos back in july ’09. here’s an example:

chem trails july 2009


some pundits say that the chem trails are spray in jet airplane exhaust. maybe it is aerosols of sulphur to cause global cooling or warming. others say it is metallic particles to enable HARRP. still others say it is biological agent dispersement. and yet others say it is nano particle delivery.

experts say normal contrail exhaust constists of water vapor and carbon dioxide. it disperses rapidly. sky writiers on the other hand add oil to the exhaust. certain atmospheric conditions make the exhaust linger.

on this day in july 2009 i saw many aircraft leaving chem trails. the trails expanded and draped and festooned the otherwise deep blue clear sky of summer.

i was unemployed at the time and studied this phenomena for the afternoon. i notice that now it is rare to see “normal” contrails that rapidly disperse.

august 2008

august 2008

WATCH THE SKIES! evil men are running the world.

following photo is a “normal” contrail from december 2006.

normal contrail

normal contrail

normal exhaust of water vapor makes cloud in the stratosphere. it disperses quickly. it’s usually quite windy up there. up there is 10 miles up or more.

i often see chem trails turn into cirrus clouds, even mares tails type clouds. i have seen perfectly clear blue fair skies turn to white over cast cloudy bright days. my opinion is that weather modification is in progress.

the meddling fools! as if their ape brains can contain the knowledge of the krell. human greed and folly, that is exactly what it is. when you chang one thing you change everything. cobwebs in the sky, the day of purification is near.