daylight shaving time

ben franklin thought up daylight shaving time. that is when you shave off time from the afternoon and put it on the morning. when “they” invent time travel i’m going back in time just to kill old ben and put a stop to this nonsense.

i am a night owl by inclination but i am forced to be an early bird.

i want to compromise. let’s advance the clocks  1/r hr and leave it at that. not stupid switching back and forth. there’s no DST in star trak TOS or TNG. case closed.

the real cause of this inhuman and illusionary time adjustment are shape shifting reptilians from sigma draconis. they are using directed dark energy beams to contaminate our precious bodily fluids. by disrupting our natural circadian rhythms the aliens are able to inject dark matter into our DNA and mutate us all into zombie slaves.



i’m not say it’s…

i’m not say it’s dark matter…but it’s dark energy.

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“One of the great puzzles of biology is how the molecular machinery of life is so finely coordinated. Even the simplest cells are complex three dimensional biochemical factories in which a dazzling array of machines pump, push, copy, and compute in a dance of extraordinarily detailed complexity. Indeed, it is hard to imagine how the ordinary processes of electron transport allow this complexity to emerge given the losses that arise in much simpler circuits. Now a group of researchers led by Stuart Kauffmann have discovered that the electronic properties of biomolecules are entirely different to those of ordinary conductors. It turns out that most biomolecules exist in an exotic state called quantum criticality that sits on the knife edge between conduction and insulation. In other words, biomolecules belong to an entirely new class of conductor that is not bound by the ordinary rules of electron transport. Of course, organic molecules can be ordinary conductors or insulators and the team have found a few biomolecules that fall into these categories. But evolution seems to have mainly selected biomolecules that are quantum critical, implying that that this property must confer some evolutionary advantage. Exactly what this could be isn’t yet clear but it must play an important role in the machinery of life and its origin.”

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.

space time naughty bits

“space does not exist below a certain minimum length, and time does not exist below a certain minimum time interval,” explained Ali, who, along with Faizal and Majumder, authored a paper on this topic that was published last month. “So, all objects existing in space and occurring at a time do not exist below that length and time interval [which are associated with the Planck scale].”

“…in regions smaller than 1.6 x 10-35 m and at times shorter than 5.4 x 10-44 sec… the Universe as we know it simply does not exist.”

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can you handle the truth?

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“Media is supported by advertisers. We are relying on salesmen to tell us the truth. Salesmen are seldom truthful unless there are consequences. What are the consequences to their lies? None, so we KNOW they are lying. If they had any credibility they would not be selling what they are selling. And they are selling, all day, everyday.

Are you buying?

I’m not.

And they will NEVER “see IT coming” because it is not in their interest to do so.”

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.

class warfare

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“I don’t know whether these guys are under-paid or over-paid. I do notice the tone of class warfare in America, however, and as Warren Buffet noted years ago, his class has already won.

Why is it that $20,000,000 a movie is perfectly fine for a mediocre film actor, $15,000,000 a year is the norm for a guy who can fog a mirror and throw a baseball lefthanded, and $30,000,000 is seen as a fair price for some guy who sits in a lot of meetings as a CEO? Meanwhile the median inflation-adjusted wage is below what it was 15 years ago for all the rest of us?

The thing I really don’t understand is that most Americans think, “Whatever the Market will bear” for athletes and entertainers, and we buy the line that Executives need to be “incentivized” and they really couldn’t be arsed to roll out of the sack for 6-figures or even 7-figure salaries. But when somebody whose job involves the risk of being pureed starts to make as much as a mid-level corporate manager, that’s highway robbery and cause for outcry.

In no way am I defending the Longshoremen. Corruption in those unions was a byword before “On The Waterfront.” I’m talking about the sniping at all the people whose earnings created what we used to think of as the middle class in America. We decry the demise of the middle class, but every time anyone demands that they be paid in a middle-class fashion, or even according to terms agreed upon through negotiation, it’s “Socialism” or some damn thing. You can’t have it both ways. The Elites can’t be allowed to extract all the wealth of a country and completely ignore their contractual obligations, and then somehow we still have a functioning middle class.

And although the Unions have beeen in many cases subverted by criminals looking to manipulate the pension funds, how is that different from what has happened to the retirement funding for everyone else? Besides, it’s A-OK for management to organize (that’s what incorporation is), but it’s foul play when workers do it too? You can’t have only one side at a negotiating table, or you get what we’re getting.

Pitting the middle class against the lower and lower-middle class has worked out brilliantly for the Elites. People all think they deserve more, but their lousy neighbor and their lazy brother-in-law should work for slave wages and shut up and be thankful for it. Yeah, but they forget that to somebody else, they themselves are the neighbor or b.i.l. The Elites, on the other hand, know this all too well and take huge advantage of it.

I’m lucky because I’ve developed a set of skills that is rare and in demand by corporate interests. I pretty much set my price by what my competitors charge, and if somebody doesn’t want to pay it, fine; good luck finding somebody else who can do the task and will take less money.

But you sure as hell wouldn’t catch me unloading a ship for even $200,000 a year. Never mind schooling your brats for $80,000, with the licensure, educational requirements (and debt) and general working conditions.”

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.

let’s send crispy crisp to….


stick it to the man!

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” There’s always somebody willing to work cheaper.And before you know it, all manufacturing has moved to the country with the cheapest labor force.

My father always told me: never envy the guys driving porches, but the day you won’t see any driving the road anymore… that’s when you should panick.

I once had a marketing job and one day I forget to take the printout of my salary with me and my collegues saw it.I made a lot more money than all of them and they rebelled. And do you want to know the funny part?


None of those morons had the guts to ask for a raise but all of them had the guts to demand I would make less.Did I found that funny 🙂 Only idiots work for less. And that’s why they live in the sewers of society.

So if you know people who would work for less, UNKNOW these people ASAP!! They will only drag you down.

Hang out with the crowd that always wants more. People without ambition will never get what they expect to get for free. Those are the slackers who hate the world and wonder why they never get a shot in life.

Don’t hate the person who makes more money than you, just buy a mirror and look to the guy in front of and ask him what he can do to make more.”

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.