class warfare

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“I don’t know whether these guys are under-paid or over-paid. I do notice the tone of class warfare in America, however, and as Warren Buffet noted years ago, his class has already won.

Why is it that $20,000,000 a movie is perfectly fine for a mediocre film actor, $15,000,000 a year is the norm for a guy who can fog a mirror and throw a baseball lefthanded, and $30,000,000 is seen as a fair price for some guy who sits in a lot of meetings as a CEO? Meanwhile the median inflation-adjusted wage is below what it was 15 years ago for all the rest of us?

The thing I really don’t understand is that most Americans think, “Whatever the Market will bear” for athletes and entertainers, and we buy the line that Executives need to be “incentivized” and they really couldn’t be arsed to roll out of the sack for 6-figures or even 7-figure salaries. But when somebody whose job involves the risk of being pureed starts to make as much as a mid-level corporate manager, that’s highway robbery and cause for outcry.

In no way am I defending the Longshoremen. Corruption in those unions was a byword before “On The Waterfront.” I’m talking about the sniping at all the people whose earnings created what we used to think of as the middle class in America. We decry the demise of the middle class, but every time anyone demands that they be paid in a middle-class fashion, or even according to terms agreed upon through negotiation, it’s “Socialism” or some damn thing. You can’t have it both ways. The Elites can’t be allowed to extract all the wealth of a country and completely ignore their contractual obligations, and then somehow we still have a functioning middle class.

And although the Unions have beeen in many cases subverted by criminals looking to manipulate the pension funds, how is that different from what has happened to the retirement funding for everyone else? Besides, it’s A-OK for management to organize (that’s what incorporation is), but it’s foul play when workers do it too? You can’t have only one side at a negotiating table, or you get what we’re getting.

Pitting the middle class against the lower and lower-middle class has worked out brilliantly for the Elites. People all think they deserve more, but their lousy neighbor and their lazy brother-in-law should work for slave wages and shut up and be thankful for it. Yeah, but they forget that to somebody else, they themselves are the neighbor or b.i.l. The Elites, on the other hand, know this all too well and take huge advantage of it.

I’m lucky because I’ve developed a set of skills that is rare and in demand by corporate interests. I pretty much set my price by what my competitors charge, and if somebody doesn’t want to pay it, fine; good luck finding somebody else who can do the task and will take less money.

But you sure as hell wouldn’t catch me unloading a ship for even $200,000 a year. Never mind schooling your brats for $80,000, with the licensure, educational requirements (and debt) and general working conditions.”

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.


where do i sign up?

guest post:

“Isnt there a union of Wall Street CEO’s and mid-management workers? And it seems to be the strongest union on the planet right now with these folks. I say lock THEM out.

It is all very relative my friend. What is the cost of a single household with 3 kids? So while I think long shore men’s union has managed to hang onto it’s contracts for decades, I am thinking that the average cost of raising a middle class family of 4 with one parent working…..with a roof over their head and even modest expectations (not Hamptons for the summer or DisneyFake every week). Cost of educating 3 kids. Cost of living that is not tampered?

Well the Longshoreman have retained some small semblance of parity in a graph that keeps pace with the CEO bonuses and eanrnings. With tuitions. With home prices where one puts down a good down payment.

So unpopular as this may be. Go for it. Shut down Team USA. This is really blue collar workers who have enough power left to point out how far middle class has sunk in this global free trade fiasco.”

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.

the “dork” ages

dat aint  no misspelling. i predict a “dork” age to fall upon western civilization and uhmerika in particular.

currently, as of july 2014, thousands and thousands of unaccompanied minors are flooding across the southern borders of uhmerika. it is sed, by pundits, dat dese kids are fleeing violence and gangs in the home countries. well, WELCOME TO UHMERIKA!

i live near and work in pottysum, new jerky. a 12 yeer old child got shot in dee hade while going to a fambly function in dat once great but now dystopian metropolis. the cops say she warnt the intended target. no, she done got caught in cross fire of, get ready for this, GANG WARFARE!

exactly where are  uhmerikan childrens to run to to escape violence and gangs?

a train derailed in mexico and “delayed” 1300 unaccompanied minors in their trek towards el norte. shouldnt DHS send a convoy down to get them all and bring them here? inst dat why president O!bama (dork) axed congress for billions of dollars? not to protect childrens here in pottysum, new jerky but to bring more pain and suffering?

who exactly is to clothe and feed and educate these childrens? and learn them exactly what?

there is more here than meets the eye, especially as i red dat the president of mexico anf gualtemela singed and agreement to make it easier for these kids to get to uhmerika.

me, bean a filthy gringo, no one is gonna make it easy for me to settle in any of them countries. if i find my self down on my luck in any of those countries i’ll just be killed, no problemmo!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson (dork), may rhapsodize about the glories of science, but what exactly do those glories have to offer children huddling in over crowded barracks in some down-at-heels FEMA kamp, whose main concerns are finding ways to get enough to eat and stay out of the way of the latest turf war between the local drug gangs?

are these childrens educated and have the ability to read and do basic arithmetic? do they have any skills an advanced society needs, such as programming smart phones?

will they practice basic hygiene in fast food establishments? what happens when bankster capitalist pig elites introduce robots into the unskilled labor market and eliminate the need for human workers?

maybe the best looking can become sex slaves for the depraved elites.

it appears to me that WW3 is near at hand. uhmerika and china will go toe to toe. we got the f-35 varients, mostly grounded due to various mechanical design faults. we are building 3 destroyers for the navy. they cost 3 billion dollars each, yeah, that should cover a 3 ocean war nicely.

uhmerikan manufacturing base has ben gutted and staffed with untrained and unskilled workers. quality is just a buzz word that is ignored for deadlines and billing. let’s just add a few more millions of illegal immigrants to depress wages lower and see what happens.

gabby gifford (dork) wuz shot in the hade and declared a hero. i suppose becuz she a member of congress. Genesis Rincon, the 12 yeer old shot in pottysum aint gonna get no special title nor even justice. her fambly will suffer the loss without any national media coverage like gabby got.

pottysum, new jerky has a $250 million dollar budget for the board of education.  isuspect almost all of it is wasted.

all the politicians are dorks. they stick to party agendas that have nothing to do with what is really happening in uhmerika.

how about that dork google executive who hired a hooker and went to hiz yacht and died of a heroin overdose? he wuz 56 and the hooker 26. him married with five children. hiz yacht was wired with CCTV and the cops were able to identify the hooker. i wonder if they slow mowed through all the kinky sex dey wuz doing? isnt dat what a rich guy hires a hooker? google’s motto is, “do no harm” yeah, right. sounds like marketing bullshit to me.

google “future dark ages” and see the results. one day duck cheney, ex VP of uhmerika will realize he can make a trillion dollars by killing me you and everyone else in uhmerika and do it. now there’s a dork for for you, the perfect ruler for a new “dork” age. he’s a dork lord, may the farce be wiff you.

do YOU really think “they” will let YOU take immortality drugs? do YOU really think “they” will let YOU upload into the singularity? do YOU have YOUR ticket on the star ship to Kepler 62e and 62f  or Gliese 832c? when worlds collide anyone? you best be watching youtube videos about making stone knives and bearskins. kwest for fyre.

all these thousands of kids from south uhmerika are fresh meat. dey dont want yur broken down old hide. wedensday is soylent green day. all “they” haz to do is grind you up and add some yoga mat filler and “they” got crispy critters snax. mmmm. yummy.


make yur own brade

yessir! make yur own brade. i buy  regional supermarket flour. i use oat meal for 1/4 of flour required. i use yeast and honey and other natcheral ingredients. i leave out “yoga mat” substances.

by accident i left on slice of homemade brade on the counter top. it wuz inna plastique cotainer for 5 days. NO MOLD or decay!

or course i use a brade machine. they be cheap and plentiful at garage sales and thrift stores. make shore you get a recipe book. follow directions. first 20 minnits critical.   expect a variation of finished product. lots denser than store bought.

i add, water, only 1/4 tsp of salt,  herbs, olive oil and flour.

an example, a 1 and 1/2 pound loaf needs 2 bananas and no extra water. a 2 pound loaf and one small can of tomato paste and mebbe a few tsp of water.

a brade machine can be had for 10 or 20 bucks used and new for 100 bucks on sale. invest in one.

i used to spend 10 or 15 bucks on brade per week. i seem to have lots of extra money in my pocket making my own brade. specialty brade, such as english moffins i still buy.

i experiment with additions such as cheese or chocolate or tomato paste and herbs. i always freeze the loaves i make and toast the slices as necessary.

it takes about 15 minnits to load the various ingredients and another 15 minnits to verify that the dough is the correct texture then ignore until the machine beeps done. anywhere between 90 to 180 minnits. YO! kaint be more fool proof or easier.

i got 3, count ’em, three brade machines. the more brade you make, the more expert you become.

real brade is sort of expensive. all brade is industrial. i use my machine and can pick and chose and monitor ingredients. i know exactly how fresh and where it’s been. it’s sort of a cottage industry.

you want “wander” brade? dumbass…i make nourishing and healthy brade. it’s a “wonder” you eat dat crap dat some CEO peddles to get his yacht and sail off without you. DUMB…ASS!

lastest rant to d.c. rep 6/4/14

i work in pottysum. i get off at the maple ave exit on 208. the streets in pottysum look like they belong in BAGHDAD, IRAQ not a formerly great uhmerikan city. i just read about the big bust. 300 people and only(?) $350,000 worth of “H”.

i read that one million bucks worth of heroin is sold in pottysum every week!

i think the cops are going to have to work lots harder to earn their salaries and pensions and medical benefits and vacations and sick days. way much harder. i should be reading every week about a big bust in pottysum. heroin should not be available at all.

white milford spends $74 million/yr. do we get scientists and doctors and inventors and honorable statesmen and other folks who will benefit society? NO! we spend that money, taken from taxpayers, and all we get is a legion of loser junkies.

it aint working out, the uhmerikan way of life paradigm. something is rotten, it stinks to high heaven. why do we need special heroin courts and special heroin judges?

where is all this stuff coming from? how is it allowed to get on the streets and destroy our communities? is it because “the man” wants it that way? the man being the CIA and the NSA and the rogue military.

are you part of the system? exactly what system are you part of? i am roped into going to work to buy food and keep a roof over my head. i have very little savings. some i got from my parents when they passed away. i got very little from the low down stinking petty jobs i have had to hold down over the years to see principals get $10,000 bonuses or superintendents retire with $500,000 cash out bonuses.

no, it has not been edifying. i watch wages in the private sector race to the bottom while job hoppers in the public sector get the big bucks.

let me put it plainly. heroin is a million dollar a week enterprise in pottysum. the best the cops can do is take out less that half a week’s dealings. the cops have to do that over and over and over again.

of the 260 users who got busted, how many came from west milford? how many of my fellow citizens need to be busted before the epidemic can be contained? how many lives ruined?

what went wrong? all the money we throw at education just makes teachers highly paid but we see no results, well we do see results, junkies every where.

when i go look for s job i am told the economy is bad. i cant expect to make the same or more. i can expect a 10% cut. i am on a fixed budget. i dont expect any raises, but goobermint does, teachers do, cops do, firemen do.

none of them, you included, will speak out how tax payers need a raise. does a billionaire need more? a multli millionaire need more? highly paid public employees making 6 figures need more? THEN I NEED MORE JUST SO I CAN PAY MY TAXES!!!

where are all the jobs? everything is to be automated in less than 15 years, even burger flipping. what are people to do when machines do everything? maybe the only thing they can do as they are doing now, get high on drugs.

maybe the courts can be automated and have robotic judges to cut costs. same with cops and teachers and firemen. even representatives can be robotic. imagine if we, the tax payers, didnt have to spend $175,000 on your salary and pension and health care. we just cant afford it. it’s time to cut back.

pottysum should be full of hipsters and artists and ethnic eateries lining picturesque and safe streets and every weekend a festival where folks and families can see and be seen and do fun and interesting things and not spend a lot of money. it shouldnt be a cesspool of despair and suffering. UNLESS THE GOOBERMINT WANTS IT THAT WAY! what sort of men are running the show? the sort who want more for them and less for everyone else? even if that means allowing the selling and buying of unregulated addictive drugs? allowing the byproducts of gangs and murders?

in that case you are doing a great job, pal.

bring it awn

some dumbass ex president of uhmerika sed dat when he engaged war wiff a country he knew hiz military could defeat. the reason they went to war? dat other country wanted to sell oil for gold instead of dollars.

so now russia sez, “Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash”. wow. let’s see if president O!bama sez, “bring it awn”. he jest might all those muckitty-mucks have secret bat caves to hide in while the citizens get turned into radioactive ash. i wish some honorable LGBT diplomat would step forward and lead the world on the path to peace and prosperity.

LGBT are better than anyone else at everything. so here is where we find dat out but by the time hillary becomes president we will all be dead.

so what is more important?  that mick jagger’s girlfriend hung herself with a designer scarf or that russia can turn uhmerika into a sci-fi movie? maybe there will be zombies? maybe there will be one family left to fight the hordes. then mutant apes will take over the earth. oh-oh! what a minnit that already happened. we are the mutant apes. MONKEY SPHERE!

what if television presenter Dmitry Kiselyov was told to say that  on his weekly current affairs show by skynet? KILL ALL HUMANS!

mam and pap agin

i am an orphan. my parents are dead. i mentioned this in previous posts. my mam and pap growd up during the great depression. then they lived through world war 2. luckishly “we” won. i wuz born early enough to be aware of the 1960’s, watched uhmerikan men land on the moon, live! then i watched the race riots on tv and black folks got equality. then the flood gates of immigration were opened to mitigate that.

back in the old days you were either white or black but now we got diversity. my mam and pap didnt like black folks and they didnt like diversity either. my mam and pap didnt even like other white people. i remember pap being very angry all the time. he had to work 3 jobs to support his family. later he advanced in the fire department of major metropolitan city and got comfortable.

pap put me and me bro to work around the homestead, lots of do it yurself upgrades, mixing cement, laying cinder blocks, digging dirt, chopping down trees and other such “chores”. there was the obligatory slap up the side of the hade fer not moving fast enough.

mam always seemed to be sick and on medicine. mam was more into psychological manipulation. mam’s logic was purty twisted.

i left the nest late and mam and pap wuz glad to see me go. they complained mightily to me about their plight and obligation to help my other siblings. they bemoaned the fact it cost mam and pap money to get me siblings out of their respective troubles.

mam and pap never tired of telling me i am a growd man, i is on me own, i has to take keer of meself. mam and pap told me they aint got no money for me, they is poe pipple. good sons never ax their parents for help.

i had to rawhide it though some really rough times being out in the cruel world and no one to ax for help. i often had to scramble from one job to the next with no cushion to fall back on. i could not and would not ax mam and pap for help. they made themselves so obnoxious about it to make it impossible.

pap died first and 10 yeers later mam dies. then the will comes out. i had to ask for a full accounting of the estate. mam and pap had saved quite the nest egg. it could have set one child up nicely, as it wuz split many ways my share still requires me to remain a wage slave.

for instance, mam and pap lived 120 miles away. still i would cruise down on family reunions for the hollerdays or a birfday. sometimes, mostly, pap would slip me 20 bucks. that aint much, even back in the day but times bean what they are i tuk it. pap had enough money where he could have slipped me $200 and not missed it.

in that regard i wish mam and pap had ben more generous when alive so i could have appreciated it and them. nope, they were the most niggardly white folks i met and they were my parents.

to this day i dont understand them.  they were/are/will be secretive. they revealed no insight.

ok, so it’s nice to get a little stash. i tuk a lot of beatings for it. i watched my siblings get beaten. i witnessed me mam and pap’s brand of tuff luv. let me tell you, it sucks.

but then that is indicative of the systemic problems of uhmerika. me mam and pap hated the juice. mam and pap sed the juice hoarded money and where cheap penny pinchers. well, guess what? that is exactly what me mam and pap did, acted like they were juice.

OH! and never let on about it. i never knew mam and pap except for the bullshit lies they dumped on me over the yeers. i guess the amount i got tuk some of the sting out it but only some of it. it ought to have ben different.

i did try to go to college. i had a grant from the state that paid tuition. it’s partly my fault and partly my home life and partly society’s fault. i smoked too much pipe weed, marijuana. it wuz the tail end of the veit nam war and all that strife. i think i was partially autistic. pot helped that and some good LSD. that wuz a long time ago. i had to reinvent myself many times. at least i had some natural smarts to get me through.

now i wish i could have had some sort of emotional break though wiff mam and pap. me and pap called a begrudging truce after he got old and frail and couldnt beet me proper. he never confided in me about his financials. mebbe iffen he had lived just a little longer he would have done it, too late.

mam on the other hand stuck to the script and never varied. poe pipple, no money. all i know is all i know. what is lacking speaks volumes. yes, yes, other parents were way worse but other parents were way better.

pap visited me from the spirit world in dream time but i got sick of hiz friendly ghost act and denied him. mam haz never visited me in such a manner, least as i can remember. what man can remember all hiz dreams? especially the ones that society destroys.

mam and pap gave me life, they fed me, clothed me, sent me to skool and beet me. they left me a couple of bucks when they died. that is it in a nutshell. compared to the pain and suffering and terror millions of folks are experiencing right now i is lucky, dam dead lucky. holy shit!