more robots less people even in china!

“The electronics industry may still be reliant on human workers to assemble products, but Apple supplier Foxconn Technology Group is hopeful that robots will take over more of the workload soon.

In three years, Foxconn will probably use robots and automation to complete 70 percent of its assembly line work, said company CEO Terry Gou on Thursday in news footage circulated online.”

this is provided as fair use for social commentary and anthropological study on important issues of our day.

yeah..what are people goan to do if no payng jobs? everything free and life of leisure? sign me up. extreme privilege for some and grinding poverty for most? count me out. exactly how is apple to continue making billions of dollars selling products to folks who aint got jobs and income? exactly how is capitalism to expand and grow when all human labor is obsolete? just asking.

i realize that most folks work becuz they has to not becuz they want to. i want to be an astronomer and study the heavens but i work in a dirty filthy factory to pay my bills. if all this robotics allows for citizen scientists to spend time doing what they love instead of what they hate, count me in.


cheap oil bad for economy

well, cheap oil is bad for duck cheney’s economy not mine. mebbe if a barrel gets cheaper he will have a heart attack and die.

all the news outlets, the major main stream guys all have articles about how cheap oil is bad for the economy. i remember reading articles at those same outlets bemoaning the fact that expensive oil will destroy the economy.

i figger dat rich people with vested interest in high oil prices bribe the major news outlets to run articles extolling the virtues of high oil prices.

for example, it’s good for me, a factory worker, to pay high gaz-o-leen prices. it’s good that truckers and other distribution transportation (for food deliveries or cheap crap from china) pass along their costs for high oil to the stores who pass along their costs to me. that’s good! double plus good.

but when oil is cheap and prices drop on food and other items that is bad. BAD! BAD! BAD!

i dont get it. i do understand that folks with lots of money will try and brain wash me to believe what they think i should beleive.

in uhmerika there is only one game in town, oil. the uhmerikan way of life of wasting everything depends on it. when oil runs out then uhmerika dies. until then, PARTAY!

i dont understand why a guy who has billions of dollars wants more, especially if he has to get it by taking everyone else’s dollars.

i work in a factory. i only make so much money. i have very little on no benefits. if i am lucky i can stay at the same level i am now. i dont see much advancement in salary. if i had more money i could waste it on more things. i do have some debt, just enough for a credit history. but high wages for workers is bad but high incomes for billionaires is good.

HAH! the uhmerikan goobermint just announced it had spent ONE TRILLION DOLLARS(!) for the war in afghanistan. hot dam. jest think of all the electric cars and solar panels and wind mills and storage bat-trees a feller could have bought wiff dat. instead it wuz spent on a war not won.

of course it warnt spent on the war, no, of course not. some how most of that money went into the pockets of men like duck cheney who complain the low price of oil is bad for the economy. FART!

what ever the real reason i catch a break for a spell. who can say how long it will last? what is the real condition of the planet’s oil reserve? should we really be pumping all that out? should we really be at war with each other?

i read things just a year ago and now the exact reverse is happening. newspeak must be in full force. as long as uhmerikans can buy food at wally mart and cheap liquor and illegal drugs and drive cars and talk on smart phones about dumb things then they wont give a rat’s ass about the true state of affairs.

attack of the killer zombie possums

tom, the feller what got shot some months ago, wuz sent out back to tidy up dee trash container. we iz in pottysum, dee home of Lou Costello. folks from many miles about leave their trash in our container, becuz.

well, some one left a long tube of cardboard used to ship one thang or another. tom went out to organize dee trash and while fooling wiff dee cardboard tube a possum jumped out and “attacked” him.

it wuz a mother possum defending it’s young. i caint blame dat animal. i do blame human unkindness for short term thinking.

some of my other coworkers found this amusing. they laffed and laffed. tom went home early. mebbe he though he contracted hydrophobia. he came in late the next day all cured.

i dont know the fate of the possum fambly. i suspect dee worse.

the official unofficial motto of pottysum is, “pottysum haz everything”, even including mother possums protecting their young.

tom told me he haz ben attacked by other animals. a deer, ocean going crabs and other critters. i iz glad it warnt me self.

uhmerikan citizens haz become the borg of star track infamy. we iz killing mother erf for profit. resistance is futile. i see no future hexcept WW3.

i aint got no bunker to hunker down in. i aint connected to dee rich or powerful or clever or corrupt. wiff a liitle luck i should like to think i wood be vaporized right at the start and not have too suffer too much having to kill or be killed by the mobs left to fend for them selves.

it wont be long now. some smart ass “scientist” weaponized the spanish flu from 100 yeers ago. he fixed it so there is no known natcheral immunity to it. makes one right proud to be an uhmerikan.

even iffen everyone is dead it’s nice to know dat robots will continue to manufacture eye phone “x” for ever.

d.c. rep rant 6/25/14

how duz duck cheney know the next terrorist attack on uhmerika will be “even deadlier”? is is becuz he is planning the dirty deed like he planned 9/11?

i callz him duck cheney like daffy duck is duck twacy or duck dogers in the 21st and a half century. i call him duck cheney becuz of the abject and utter contempt i have for him.
look at the contempt he shows to the uhmerikan sheeple.

i think duck cheney should be flown to gitmo in “cuber” to be water boarded to find out exactly what he knows about the next “even deadlier” terror attack in uhmerika. are you in on that? then water board yourself.

i red this on yahoo news:
“A legendary Special Forces commander was quietly forced to leave the U.S. Army after he admitted to a love affair with a Washington Post war correspondent, who quit her job to secretly live with him for almost a year in one of the most dangerous combat outposts in Afghanistan.

U.S. Army Special Operations Command never publicly disclosed that highly-decorated Green Beret Major Jim Gant was relieved of command at the end of a harrowing 22 months in combat in March 2012.

His commanders charged in confidential files that he had “indulged in a self-created fantasy world” of booze, pain pills and sex in a tribal village deep in Taliban and al Qaeda country with his “wife,” journalist Ann Scott Tyson.

“We did fall in love, I would say over the course of about a week,” Tyson told ABC News in an interview, recalling that Gant asked her to marry him within a few days of meeting each other in 2010. She laughed him off at first, but eventually he won her over.

By the time he was yanked out of Afghanistan two years later because of his relationship with Tyson, Gant also had won over three Pashtun tribes with substantial influence throughout Kunar province. Top commanders had tasked him with turning the tide of a conflict America was losing, and in his corner of the war, Gant was winning.”

exactly what am i to think of the way this country is being run? there sure has been a purge of top military brass lately. is there a rouge military? is it corruption or are the corrupt getting rid of honorable men by smearing them?

hey! the f-35a was grounded again for a few days when one caught on fire taking off. the house ok’d another $135 million for missile defense.

when is the house going to ok $135 million for soc sec and ext unem?

what’s up with the flood of child refugees from central and south uhmerika? do any of youse have a duke of an idea what is going on?

i would have a higher opinion of you if you resigned congress started wearing cammo, a gun and parachute and went to iraq to clean up the mess. but you wont. lots of poe white and black boys to do that. then you get the VA to kill them off. the top guy resigns but all the other a-holes are still there getting big bonuses.

i am disgusted. disgusted i say! a rude wind is blowing out of washington,d.c..

yeah, things are just jim dandy.

puntium 2 350 mhz

i run a puntium 2 250 mhz wiff winders 98. i burn cd’s and do graphics. i also have puntium 3 running at 750 mhz. i do video capture and burnd dvd’s and other stuff on winders 98.

why? i dunno. i haz lots of orphaned computers.

but then samsung “apologized” to it’s workers for giving them cancer in “clean” rooms. clean rooms are clean of particles but not much else. often the air is recirculated without introducing fresh air. the chemicals used to make chips are ultra pure but still toxic.

and all those other chip producers? same thing. poison labor for cheap chips. and once those ultra clean chemicals become contaminated? just dumped.

so i still use old computers. i used to have techno lust. i neeeded the latest and greatest and fastest. now i do trailing edge instead of cutting edge.

as winders ages i plan to migrate my old boxes to linux flavors. becuz.

there is anew meme to escape the earth because we poisoned and killed it. “let’s go find a virgin planet to do the same thing to”. yeah, when earth attacks. invasion of the earthlings.

i bet astronauts of the future will be doing lots of anal probing and mutilations on other worlds. in the name of science of course AND PROFIT!

we wont export jesus but we will export capitalism and the dollar.

most puntium 2 350 mhz computers are leaching all their rare earth elements into land fills to poison the water and soil. mebbe lots were incinerated to poison the air. i still use mine. not often but i do. i got some newer chips. the p4. they have already been relegated to the dustbin of computing history. they run winders 98 m and hex-p.

i got some old lap tops. the problem is that once a computer is more than a year old it’s resale value is zero. but these old boxes refuse to die.

a.c. clarke sed that in the future electronics will be passed down as heirlooms through the generations.

think of the masses of  wireless phones that have a life time of six months! i still got a dumb phone from 7 years ago. it still works. it was such hot shit in the day. a fartorola razor. i like it becuz it is sort of like a star trak TOS communicator, a flip phone.

it never gave me an orgasm. i see lots of folks with their eye phones stroking it as it gives them orgasms never thinking about how the people who made them were sacrificed. every electronic gizmo you got has a murder behind it. then when we are convinced we need a new one we just toss it aside as well of the lives were of the people who made it.

every big name company is culpable because bean counters determined the price of every laborer as to be negligible. ni99ahz all!


poor tom worked wiff me for about a yeer. he quit. he told fat joe he tuk a job making 35 bux an hour. my boss told me tom wuz making a 19 bux an hour. tom wuz slow, so slow he made me look fast. for dat i is grateful. i wander how tom will explain hiz slowness to new employer.

in uhmerika, the elite ni99ahz, that is rich white men, has pitted working class against the hordes of chinese coolie laborers who make 1/10th of uhmerikan wages. these same ni99ahz reap all dee benefits and profits of increased production and efficiency.

nice work iffen you kin git it.

if you look at uhmerikan wages from the 1960’s and factor in inflation or devaluation or what ever real wages for factory workers like me and tom should be, it shud 35 bux an hour. so tom is making what we should be making. i understood tom’s new job to be supervisory. so actually he is bean short changed. i give him 3 months until hiz new employer tosses his lazy slow ass on unem.

i kaint talk to no one who drinks the kool-aide about wages. most folks jest put up with the natcheral oder of low wages for workers and high compensation for ni99ahz, that is white rich men.

90% of uhmerikans who haz jobs make under 35 grand a yeer but kongress sez dey doan make enough at $175,000 per yeer.

in my town, the BOE, bored of edukashune  gave a principal a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR BONUS FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF GETTING AROUND SALARY CAPS!!!! i haint had a raise in 2 yeers and expect none for about the same iffen i is lucky. mebbe my employment  collapses under mismanagement an i is on unem with the great unwashed huddled masses.

i haz to pay outrageous property taxes so sed principal can get around salary cap. why not let him go? businesses often do dat. get rid of high paying employees and bring on cheaper help. those dat pay taxes see wages go down. doze dat get payed from taxes see wages go up. WTF?!?

why are unions good for cops and firemen and teachers but bad for everyone else? why are pensions expected foe doze pipple but not expected for everyone else?

iffen i land a good paying job i haz to work my ass off but goobermint employees can be under performing and surly.

me mam and pap were anti union even dough deer lifestyle benefited from it. dey did good, me pap bean a fireman. me mam always made more dan me on a widder’s pension than me working a full time job.

i think dat cops and firemen and teachers have a vested interest in  tax payers making as good money as dem selves. i would be more willing to vote up a town or BOE budget iffen it didnt scoff up 20% of me TAKE HOME!

a cop or fireman or teacher complains how he/she kaint make it on $100k a yeer. how is i supposed to make on less dan half? how is i supposed to have sympathy for their argument when i haz reality beeting me down?

no sir! fuck all dem assholes. iffen i caint haz a union and demand higher wages and good benefits and a safe and healthy working environment, then i say cops, firemen and teachers dont get it either.

and it’s their attitude, dat dey is “special”. iffen my wages and lifestyle isnt sustainable how can theirs be? where do they think dat money comes from now dat all dee good jobs is shipped over to china?

eventually taxes cant be paid and then they dont get paid. then they will suffer like the rest of us. and then we can eat the rich. they taste like chicken. of course i expect the ni99ahz, the rich white men, to kill us all off first with atomic weapons and manufactured diseases and behavior control to get us to kill each other and ourselves.

right now we are building the robots the ni99ahz  (rich white men) need to dispense with us all.

everyone reading this blog is buying into their own death by the hands of the ni99ahz who rule the world becuz you need money to pay yur rent/mortgage, transportation, energy, food and entertainment. all dee while other nations not in the western bubble of denial are already facing 90% morality what with untreatable diseases and hunger and malnutrition and terrorism and violence.

any one of yoose will put yur cap on backwards and wear yur pants down to yur crack to get dat payday and fuck me or anyone else who gets in yur way. and dat is dee way those ni99ahz want it.

you may think a ni99ah is a poe black pussin or heroin junkie who duz a smash and grab. nope, it is dee CEO of j.p. morgan and gold man sax. dey is dee real ni99ahz. and you know waht? you wanna be jest like dem or bee their home boy like memberz of kongrss, rape dee planet and starve billions  for moe money. ni99ah! YO!



niggers are out to destroy humanity. not poe black pipple but rich white men. they have highly trained, educated and paid servants research diseases that kill people. instead of developing weakened strains that give people the sniffles, niggers have their servants develop strains with 90% mortality.

bill gates, the world’s richest nigger,wants to unleash a mosquito air force to spread GMO organisms to curtain conception.

the bullet in atomic scientists have a damning article about crazy scientists developing killer germs that seem to get out of the lab. read it and weep at:

i live in uhmerika. i suffer from first world disconnect. some asshole cut me off on the commute to work/home. i work with murderers and junkies becuz me boss wants to hire the cheapest labor he can get. not only him but all bosses. all the US manufacturing jobs has ben shipped to china and the dredges remain. stick a fork in our asses and turn us over we is done. WW3 wont be won buy uhmerika.

the supreme court, the congress, the presidency has all sold us out to the highest bidder. for giggles and laffs we get pommeled with the LGBT agenda. sure, let’s embrace LGBT, mebbe they can sort thangs out and bring peace and prosperity. those niggers running the show aint doing no better. remember, a nigger is a white rich man.

i want a LGBT to step forward and clean up diz mess. kaint do it? well! back to dee closet wiff you!