economic black out

during hurricane sandy i haz 8 dayz of no electric power from the grid. lucklishly i had a portable solar generator so i cood lissen to dee radio and have a lite. now thangs are back to normal, BAU. but….

there is a shack across the street that wuz unoccupied for a few yeers. some folks moved in through the fall and they had 3 flood lites on all through the nite. most of the houses around here are all electric wiff wood stoves as an economical alternative. lots of folks use propane also.

although i had 8 dayz wiffout electric my electric bill for that period came to …are you reddy?….$224!!!!!! that pumps water, heetz water, cooks and lites. and dat wuz wiff some juice provided by me 3 kw roof mounted PV solar array.

i suspect dat the folks across dee street got their electric bill becuz they haint got no flood lites on all nite anymore. i bet a multi hunnerd dollar electric bill created some cost cutting and flooding the area wiff lite dat no one is using wuz dee first to go. now mebbe day wuz afeerd of dee dark bean city slickers transplanted to dee boonies. well, keeping money in dayz pocket cured dem reel quick like of dat phobia.

now i can see dee stars agin and meat eaters. what are meat eaters? some sort of raptor? nope, dayz be shooshting stars.

so you see we had a black out from moe foe nature and now from dee electric company. in dee future, dee neer future, there will lots of economic black outs as folks kaint afford electric.


trojan meat eaters

just today i surfed into to read about a meteor shower. my antivirus software sed it blocked a trojan! i think this is the first time any antivirus software ever bleeped me when surfing the web. i never read that article.

but…i was reviewing some of my fireball patrol videos and found a real snorter on september 11, 2010 at 12:26 am. in fact the system recorded 3 meteors in 47 minutes.

just recently there was a daytime ufo sighting in NYC. i have hours and hours of video recorded on dvd. i have yet to see anything i would call an alien space craft. besides, anything on a video is a ufo, an unidentified flying object. i get lots of aircraft and satellites. i even get gamma ray bursts. lots of strange flashes.

what i would call a ufo is a light that stopped then starts again. a light that makes a 90 degree turn. a light that reverses motion. i have not yet seen anything like that.

i have recorded lots of dim meteors. many are short duration. a few are bright and leave trails.  it is going on one year now.  maybe that makes me some sort of an expert.

i use watec video cameras. they are cheap and highly sensitive. i like the discontinued watec 502b. it has low noise.  it is low light sensitive but not overly so. i am looking for fireballs and bolides.  if i miss some dim ones, who cares? although dim ones can be ufos….

i do have the watec 120n which is very sensitive. it trades off sensitivity for sooth motion. i can see many dim meteors but they become streaks. i use it during cold weather. it decreases noise.

i have not yet recorded a “youtube” meteor.