life hack feb 15

where i live, the grape state of new jerky, pigsack county, white milf, we iz getting clobbered wiff tons of snow and bitter cold. single digits, zero or minus for a week or so. it haz happened before and most likely happen again. still it aint “normal” what ever dat may be.

regular cold weather gloves are often inadequate. mebbe becuz one doesnt purchase special gloves for use on the world’s highest peak or at the south pole. a simple trick to help protect yur handz is just to put on disposable gloves first then regular gloves over that. i use the blue gloves but white latex will work just as well. make sure you get the right size. snug not sloppy or tight to be on comfortable.

the disposable glove is a vapor barrier. it blocks the effects of wind chill. it provieds extrs insulation effect of the type afforded by the scuba outfit. an added benefit is that the over gloves can be removed to fiddle with keys or some other device such as a camera and yur handz dont get frost bite.

today it wuz about 8 degrees up to 13 and now 8 degrees (F). i shoveled snow and then tuk an hour walk around my section of town to take some photos.

i had no discomfort or numbing of fingers or thumbs. however when i went inside and removed the disposable gloves my handz were soaked. i didnt notice this when out and about. the blue gloves seem some what sturdy compared to plain latex and i used the same pair twice and plan to use them again.

iffen you dont bleev me jest try it yurself. i’ll warrant you’ll use dis life hack every time.

i do not own or have investments in disposable glove sales or manufacturing.


scorched erph-fuck erph

during the uhmeikan civil war of the mid 19th century general sherman cut a swath of destruction through dixie known as “scorched earth”. it is one of the standard practices of modern uhmerikan warfare. destroy everything, also know as, “bombing them back into the stone age”.

does elon musk want to scorch the erph to get his million man colony on mars? is it worth sending the rest of us left behind into the stone age? elon musk haz ben quoted as saying, “FUCK ERPH!”, even though he laffs after he sez it. but mebbe the joke is he really means it.

i recently red an ark tea cull on ( about mars and the comet visiting for oct 2014. i quote James Oberg, “In hindsight, sophisticated reliability assessments, which properly assessed Apollo mission success at 80 percent and crew survival at 95 percent, when applied to even the best humans-to-Mars strategies, gave the likelihood of success at less than 5 percent and of crew survival as less than 50 percent. We didn’t even know how much we didn’t know.

But was that really an excuse for not even seriously trying? It’s not as if we couldn’t have afforded it. Did not trying to get humans to Mars really saved the world’s governments any serious money?”

well, i submit to you that any and all money “saved” by not trying to get to mars wuz squandered by the various world goobermints. what was it wasted on? eliminating poverty? improving world hygiene? proper management of resources and growth? nope. it wuz squandered on endless war and lust for profits.

that is the current paradigm. put simply, to make the most money by exploiting people and the environment without any regard for long term consequences.

then there is mars one, a dutch consortium. however james vicent throws a wet blanket on the eye deer. he sez colonists will start dying in 68 days ( did anyone send the memo to elon musk? mars aint the kid of place to raise the kids, in fact it’s cold as hell.

i be an uhmerikan which is purely an accident of birff. i haz me a ring side seat for the freek show. no one lissens to me. i have no control to change course for sumpin better or or more humane. i haz to go to work every day to “maintain myuhmerikan  lifestyle” which involves driving a car and paying outrageous property taxes.

i can think globally but i can only act locally. anything i can do can be negated by an unexpected and unforeseen event. ebola is such an event. how about fracking? think of the entire underground water supply rendered undrinkable by “cheney juice”. on  the plus side lunkhead fartin haz announced a break though in small scale fusion power generation. possibly a game changer.

so how does humankind get out of the cradle and not keep all it’s eggs in one basket? there’s only one big blue marble. should we destroy it to escape it? jest axing. should top men and the smartest minds be pondering that? any who say sacrifice the place of birff for outward expansion is, well, not very smart at all and suspect. i call bullshit.

fuck elon musk

yeah! fuck ‘im. dat rat bassit. elon musk sez, “FUCK Earth!” elon wants to send one million humans to mars to save humanity. in the process he will destroy the earth for the rest of us left behind.

isnt that the dirty secret behind star track? for every star ship launched so many millions of acres are rendered uninhabitable. elon musk wants to lay waste to vast areas of dee erff to go set up camp in a waste land.

i submit to you that elon musk is an asshole. AN ASSHOLE!

mars aint the kind of place to raise a kid, in fact it is cold as hell. rocket man!

i red dat moon dust is an irritant to human biology. i red dat mars dirt is just as irritating. elon wants to leave the erff and go to a nasty place where folks has to live under ground and mutate into trolls.

the erff is trash and used up by greed and mismanagement. let’s rape it some more and go to mars and start “afresh”. yeah, right. mars will be populated with the biggest assholes humanity can produce.

no walks in the park. no beeches to stroll under or beaches to stroll along. no birds singing in the trees. NO BLUE SKY! constant bombardment of cosmic rays and micrometeorites. no rain to fall on the just and unjust. no manna from heaven. no oxygen.

let’s save the erff? let’s remake it? let’s control our lust and greed? no can do. i dont think elon musk can sell enough tesla electric autos to eco nazis to fund a trip to mars let alone create a self sustaining colony of ONE MILLION HUMAN ASSHOLES.

elon musk’s problem is dat he is a rich uhmerikan who thinks money can buy him everything he wants. elon musk isnt looking at the whole earth picture. he has no concept of the big blue marble. no pale blue dot for him, no sir!

rich uhmerikans want sumpin and dey don kair wat dee consequences are. how many giant holes in the ground must he dig for hiz space fleet? how much poison will he dump into the air and ground and water to achieve his goal?

elon musk intends to destroy this ecosystem to create a totally artificial one on mars and maintain it. isnt dat ironic?

i wonder if ebola will also hitch a ride to mars? will elon bring cockroaches with him? how about marijuana? i think elon needs to eat a big plate of pot brownies to get the cobwebs out of his mind. alcohol will make the trip with humans to mars. i want to know who will be the first human to get drunk on mars.

and what of the LGBT community? is there a place for them on mars? recreational sex leading to procreation to maintain the million man and woman march across the solar system? or just recreational sex?

who will be the first human murdered on mars? who will be the first human raped on mars? who will be the first child abused on mars? will bullying be allowed on mars? will there be death squads? lying, cheating. stealing?

will there be a martian elite and a martian under class? will there be a living minimum wage on mars? will there be homeless people on mars? what will happen with the elderly or the sick and infirm? will there be universal and affordable health care?

if you put one million humans together in one place will there be terrorism or warfare? will there be oppression? how about slavery? indentured servitude? who will be dictator? elon musk? some other CEO?

elon musk is setting his sights too close to home, i suggest uranus. YOUR ANUS! RIGHT UP THE WAH-ZOO!


p.s. elon musk is a white nigger.

the “dork” ages

dat aint  no misspelling. i predict a “dork” age to fall upon western civilization and uhmerika in particular.

currently, as of july 2014, thousands and thousands of unaccompanied minors are flooding across the southern borders of uhmerika. it is sed, by pundits, dat dese kids are fleeing violence and gangs in the home countries. well, WELCOME TO UHMERIKA!

i live near and work in pottysum, new jerky. a 12 yeer old child got shot in dee hade while going to a fambly function in dat once great but now dystopian metropolis. the cops say she warnt the intended target. no, she done got caught in cross fire of, get ready for this, GANG WARFARE!

exactly where are  uhmerikan childrens to run to to escape violence and gangs?

a train derailed in mexico and “delayed” 1300 unaccompanied minors in their trek towards el norte. shouldnt DHS send a convoy down to get them all and bring them here? inst dat why president O!bama (dork) axed congress for billions of dollars? not to protect childrens here in pottysum, new jerky but to bring more pain and suffering?

who exactly is to clothe and feed and educate these childrens? and learn them exactly what?

there is more here than meets the eye, especially as i red dat the president of mexico anf gualtemela singed and agreement to make it easier for these kids to get to uhmerika.

me, bean a filthy gringo, no one is gonna make it easy for me to settle in any of them countries. if i find my self down on my luck in any of those countries i’ll just be killed, no problemmo!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson (dork), may rhapsodize about the glories of science, but what exactly do those glories have to offer children huddling in over crowded barracks in some down-at-heels FEMA kamp, whose main concerns are finding ways to get enough to eat and stay out of the way of the latest turf war between the local drug gangs?

are these childrens educated and have the ability to read and do basic arithmetic? do they have any skills an advanced society needs, such as programming smart phones?

will they practice basic hygiene in fast food establishments? what happens when bankster capitalist pig elites introduce robots into the unskilled labor market and eliminate the need for human workers?

maybe the best looking can become sex slaves for the depraved elites.

it appears to me that WW3 is near at hand. uhmerika and china will go toe to toe. we got the f-35 varients, mostly grounded due to various mechanical design faults. we are building 3 destroyers for the navy. they cost 3 billion dollars each, yeah, that should cover a 3 ocean war nicely.

uhmerikan manufacturing base has ben gutted and staffed with untrained and unskilled workers. quality is just a buzz word that is ignored for deadlines and billing. let’s just add a few more millions of illegal immigrants to depress wages lower and see what happens.

gabby gifford (dork) wuz shot in the hade and declared a hero. i suppose becuz she a member of congress. Genesis Rincon, the 12 yeer old shot in pottysum aint gonna get no special title nor even justice. her fambly will suffer the loss without any national media coverage like gabby got.

pottysum, new jerky has a $250 million dollar budget for the board of education.  isuspect almost all of it is wasted.

all the politicians are dorks. they stick to party agendas that have nothing to do with what is really happening in uhmerika.

how about that dork google executive who hired a hooker and went to hiz yacht and died of a heroin overdose? he wuz 56 and the hooker 26. him married with five children. hiz yacht was wired with CCTV and the cops were able to identify the hooker. i wonder if they slow mowed through all the kinky sex dey wuz doing? isnt dat what a rich guy hires a hooker? google’s motto is, “do no harm” yeah, right. sounds like marketing bullshit to me.

google “future dark ages” and see the results. one day duck cheney, ex VP of uhmerika will realize he can make a trillion dollars by killing me you and everyone else in uhmerika and do it. now there’s a dork for for you, the perfect ruler for a new “dork” age. he’s a dork lord, may the farce be wiff you.

do YOU really think “they” will let YOU take immortality drugs? do YOU really think “they” will let YOU upload into the singularity? do YOU have YOUR ticket on the star ship to Kepler 62e and 62f  or Gliese 832c? when worlds collide anyone? you best be watching youtube videos about making stone knives and bearskins. kwest for fyre.

all these thousands of kids from south uhmerika are fresh meat. dey dont want yur broken down old hide. wedensday is soylent green day. all “they” haz to do is grind you up and add some yoga mat filler and “they” got crispy critters snax. mmmm. yummy.


make yur own brade

yessir! make yur own brade. i buy  regional supermarket flour. i use oat meal for 1/4 of flour required. i use yeast and honey and other natcheral ingredients. i leave out “yoga mat” substances.

by accident i left on slice of homemade brade on the counter top. it wuz inna plastique cotainer for 5 days. NO MOLD or decay!

or course i use a brade machine. they be cheap and plentiful at garage sales and thrift stores. make shore you get a recipe book. follow directions. first 20 minnits critical.   expect a variation of finished product. lots denser than store bought.

i add, water, only 1/4 tsp of salt,  herbs, olive oil and flour.

an example, a 1 and 1/2 pound loaf needs 2 bananas and no extra water. a 2 pound loaf and one small can of tomato paste and mebbe a few tsp of water.

a brade machine can be had for 10 or 20 bucks used and new for 100 bucks on sale. invest in one.

i used to spend 10 or 15 bucks on brade per week. i seem to have lots of extra money in my pocket making my own brade. specialty brade, such as english moffins i still buy.

i experiment with additions such as cheese or chocolate or tomato paste and herbs. i always freeze the loaves i make and toast the slices as necessary.

it takes about 15 minnits to load the various ingredients and another 15 minnits to verify that the dough is the correct texture then ignore until the machine beeps done. anywhere between 90 to 180 minnits. YO! kaint be more fool proof or easier.

i got 3, count ’em, three brade machines. the more brade you make, the more expert you become.

real brade is sort of expensive. all brade is industrial. i use my machine and can pick and chose and monitor ingredients. i know exactly how fresh and where it’s been. it’s sort of a cottage industry.

you want “wander” brade? dumbass…i make nourishing and healthy brade. it’s a “wonder” you eat dat crap dat some CEO peddles to get his yacht and sail off without you. DUMB…ASS!

our precious bodily fliuds

i am copying and pasting this comment from “elusiveparticle” (NSA troll?). after reading it i decided to use the water collected from my dehumidifier, boil it and then filter it through activated charcoal. i wuz gonna buy a distiller but they cost over 200 uhmerikan dollars for even a cheap one.

what i did was wash out the collection bucket of the dehumidifier with bleach, vacuum off the dust screen and exterior bezel and tape a paper towel over the bezel to act as a pre filter. i set the dehumidifier to 35% humidity so it will fill up fast. as mentioned previous bring it to a rolling boil and continue for 60 seconds, let it cool and filter it. i’ll bottle it and let stand for 3 days until radon decays. plus i will wash bucket out with bleach before running dehumidifier for collection every time.

disclaimer: most well and spring water has 0.11 pmm of fluoride, well below fluoridated tap water. i am not a doktor nor do i portray one on TV. all experts consider dehumidifier collections “grey water”. i have well water.

from “elusiveparticle”:

Hello, I have some very important information for you, if you would, please share it with as many people as you can as soon as possible.

No Well Water is safe or suitable for animal consumption or plant growth, Fluorine is the 13th most abundant element in the earths crust, and water obtained from the ground will be contaminated with very high levels of Fluorides (fluorine + a positive ion). One small glass of Well Water, on average, contains the Fluoride equivalent of one pea sized dab of Fluoridated Toothpaste, this is about 0.7 parts per million of fluoride, however, any amount of fluoride exposure is incredibly harmful for all biological life.

We have effectively increased our exposure to Fluorides on average by 50,000% when we choose to expose our selves to this water source, that is in comparison to the majority of our evolutionary history of drinking surface waters that contain which contain roughly 500x less fluoride, although, some wells may even be contaminated with levels as high as 12+ ppm.

I believe that most people do not understand the science of why fluoride’s are so dangerous, so I’d like to explain why, but first I’d like to point out the fact that we are the only life on this planet to dig deep holes in the ground to obtain water to drink, at least deep enough to contaminate our water with high levels of fluoride in this way.

The safest alternative is distilled water, or rain water (I suggest a collection time during long periods of rain to avoid polluted air contamination), filters like reverse osmosis do not do enough and they hardly filter the majority of fluorides at all because most naturally occurring fluorides are relatively small compounds, but they may help filter many larger fluoride compounds like those which may be additionally added to water supplies by many city water suppliers. Regardless of which fluorides are getting through, distilled water, or rain, will remove them all, except those leached into water droplets through out atmosphere, rain will be especially vulnerable to this and there are about 50 parts per billion of hydrogen fluoride / other fluoride gasses in our atmosphere, but rain collected should contain less than 0.008 parts per million of fluorides on average.

So, why are fluorides dangerous…?

Besides specific bond formations that may occur within the body and disrupt normal biological processes, like that of calcium bonds in our bones rather than our teeth due to excessive fluorides in the blood stream, here is the key issue behind fluorides disastrous effects, which continue be disastrous even after bonds like this occur.

“Electronegativity”, which is the tendency to draw in electron mass, is a fundamental atomic property of all the elements on the periodic table, out of all these 118 elements of the Periodic Table, the element fluorine has the highest Electronegativity, and, more importantly, one eighth of the entire spectrum of Electronegativy for these Elements on the Periodic Table, is a gap between Element Oxygen, and Element Fluorine.

Let me just repeat that once again…

1/8th, of the entire spectrum of Electronegativity, for the elements on the periodic table, is a gap, between elements oxygen and fluorine.

That kind of Electronegative energy, drawing in electrons in a biological system, (which is a finely tuned system of exchanging electrons), will extremely distort functions of biological systems, especially systems that have not evolved to cope with the levels of Fluoride they are being exposed to.

We are 70% water like most life on this planet, and only throughout roughly the last 100,000 years or so have we begun digging these holes in the ground to obtain water.

Evolution does not occur rapidly enough for this fluoride contaminated water to really be called “safe” by now, one quick example of the the slow progression of evolution is that we split from Chimpanzee’s / Bonobo’s nearly 7 million years ago.

There is roughly 500 times less fluoride in natural sources of water like rain, or springs, even rivers and lakes, than there is in this water from holes in the ground. Drinking and using this water for farming, globally, is destroying our bodies, developing a wide spectrum of health issues for us, our pets, and our plants, I’m sure you’ve noticed we are the only wild animals getting cancer.

A good example of the powerful Electronegativity that the Element Fluorine has is when experiments are done in it’s pure state as a Gas, in this state, it is so reactive, that almost any substance, Glass, Metals, or even WATER, BURN, with a Bright Flame in a Jet of Fluorine Gas, WITHOUT the need for a Spark.

This incredibly high Electronegativite Energy still lingers even after Fluorine forms a bond with positive ions, and these are what we call “Fluoride’s”.

Among the wide spectrum of various health Issues fluoride can cause, Cancer is a big one, but i’d like to focus on another not so obvious symptom of fluoride exposure.

I think it is crucial to understand this particular issue, i’ll start with the fact that we are 70% water, we need a lot of water each and every day, and our body can detect the amounts of Fluoride, along with the minerals that end up in our water as it is processed for use in the blood stream, and if this amount is higher than the natural levels we have evolved to cope with, our brains have evolved a coping mechanism which attempts to put a damper on precious processes such as higher cognitive functions involved with imagination, functions that are involved with implementing new neurons, or functions that strengthen new neurons and neurons already in use for more reliable access. This damper is done as a way to preserve these functions for more significant moments, which will be judged by your conscious thought and with emotions, rather than just allowing these functions to be used all the time, because doing so would damage neurons your trying to strengthen if there are fluorides present in the blood stream. (this is hard for me to explain so I hope you understand.)

This damper is the reason why cognitive dissonance occurs in the minds of so many people, many of us who are so heavily poisoned by these fluorides would much rather rely on a set of neurons that are already hardwired and therefore reliable, than to risk developing new ones that may be distorted by the presence of excessive amounts of fluorides.

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression, are emotions that help you to overcome this damper that the Human Brain Implements, these emotions help your conscious mind in ways that get you “worked up” enough to use these higher cognitive functions, it is like forcing your brain to use these parts it’s trying to preserve (imagination and functions that are involved with implementing new neurons) because your consciously telling it that you think what your doing is extremely important. A good example of this, is if your having a discussion with your boss at work and he is noticeably upset because you didn’t do your job right, you’ll stress your self out over this kind of event in order to strengthen particular neurons for more reliable access so it won’t happen again.

That sort of behavior can cause someone to act impulsively, i’m sure you’ve seen it many times even with your self, we want to stick to a set of reliable and hardwired neurons, as if we know it all and we don’t need improvement on our methods or awareness of particular things… and many times cognitive dissonance will occur as we try to avoid stress, anxiety, and depression, as we are met with concepts perhaps true, which seem counter intuitive to us.

To make it short, excessive fluoride in the blood stream can literally makes it stressful to try to imagine and develop new ways of thinking… Your brain is telling you not too do something via these emotions, because of fluorides present in your blood stream, and unless you overcome this stress with your conscious judgement of importance, like realization of truth and excitement for learning this truth, cognitive dissonance will occur.

Money, and other various ways of cultures, will keep us plugging along sticking to Hardwired Neurons doing something we wish we weren’t doing, or preforming a job which barely pays at all, perhaps worthless and unsustainable as well. There are many various ways our cultures promote these bad ideas, among each other in this adversity, must stand up for the rights of our planet, to live sustainability, to do so we must use our consciousness to it’s utmost potential, that means getting off of fluoride as soon as possible…. that’s the first step I believe. Money is evil in the sense that it is a false incentive and provides many unconscious opportunity’s for the destruction of our planet, it will promote the success of particular neurons, meanwhile demoting others, and we rewarded our selves self chemically when we receive “money” for doing a job right, or when we receive / spend / have money, this strengthens those neurons even further, it’s all about money sometimes, and not the actual thing it’s self.

Rain (Like Distillation) = Averages 0.008 ppm (parts per million) fluoride.
Surface Waters (For example, Lakes, Rivers, Springs) = Averages 0.05 ppm fluoride.
Bottled Water = Averages 0.1 ppm fluoride.
Well Water = Ranges from 0.7 – 12+ ppm fluoride .
Tap Water = Ranges from 0.7 – 12+ ppm fluoride (In america, the maximum allowance is 4.0 ppm, regulated by the FDA).

Additionally fluoridated water supplies often use chemicals we’ve never even come into contact with throughout the last 3.5 billion years of evolution here on earth, for example, chemicals like Sodium fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6)and HydroFluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6). Fluoridation of a public water supply is medication without consent.

Some Of The Easiest Thing And Most Important Thing You Can And Should Do Immediately to avoid the majority of Fluoride Exposure, Is to drink distilled water, and to avoid tea or tobacco, they both contain very high levels of fluoride.

Distilled water is very inexpensive, it cost roughly $0.88 for a 1 Gallon jug which is available at nearly every grocery store, otherwise you can order it from a water supplier like “Culigan”, for nearly the same price.

Please start drinking distilled water, or rain water (collected sometime near the end of a storm, during a long duration of rain preferably, to give time to clean the atmosphere and avoid polluted air contamination) as soon as possible, drink, cook, and process your foods with this water.

Distilled water and rain water, are the process of evaporating water, collecting and condensing the Vapors, which will leave you with 100% uncontaminated (no dissolved solids) h2o.

If your worried about not getting enough minerals anymore once you switch to distilled water, let me assure you that if you eat acidic fruits, or add some lime or lemon (Organic) to your distilled water, you will be completeeeely fine… and feeling much better than you were before.

For water with more alkalinity, you can add coconut water to your distilled water, and there are plenty more options out there for you to try, but a proper food diet is all that is necessary, many fruits will contain all the minerals you need in your diet, Banana, Cantaloupe, Water Melon, etc, fruit is incredibly healthy, especially raw fresh fruit, which happens to contain incredibly low levels of fluoride as well, especially if grown organically.

Home Water Distilling Units range in Price from 100$ which is sufficient to start drinking, to 1000$ which will be ridiculously efficient, supporting your entire Family and a Home Garden as well, although rain can be very sufficient for a home garden if unpolluted, rain water (<0.008 ppm fluoride)

If you decide to distill rain, or even reverse osmosis water, you will never have to clean your distillation unit, you will only need to drain the water from the boiling tank occasionally and replace the post filter every 2-5 months.

Fluorine is in low friction “plastics” such as Teflon which is a molecule comprised of only carbon and fluorine atoms, when Teflon Coated Cookware is Heated, it will release Carbon Fluoride Vapors into the Air or into your Food, do not use Teflon for this reason, and it is well known to cause cancer,

Aluminum is very dangerous as well, it will increase the toxic build up of Fluorides in the Human Body, avoid aluminum cookware because it aluminum has a low melting point and if scraped, bits of it will end up in your food, small amounts may boil off into water or evaporate like Teflon as well.

Aluminum is the 3rd most abundant element in the Earth’s Crust, and Fluorine is the 13th most abundant element in the Earths Crust: An average of 950 ppm of Fluoride are contained in it. Top Soils contain approximately 330 ppm of Fluorine, ranging from 150 to 400 ppm. Some Soils can have as much as 1000 ppm, and contaminated soils from industrial processes have been found with 3500 ppm.

Rain water has 0.008 ppm as I’ve mentioned, and it is what the majority of the water that the Life on this Planet has evolved to cope with, waters are further contaminated when they make contact with the surface of this planet, and the further down those waters go before they are dug up from wells for various human purposes, the more contaminated they are going to be.

Fluorine that is located in Soils may potentially accumulate in Plants, Especially the Tobacco or Tea plants, i’d like to suggest to you that you avoid exposing your body to these two plants in particular, you can find very credible information on wikipedia about them and their fluoride contamination.

The amount of uptake of fluoride by Plants depends upon the type of Plant, and the type of Soil, and the amount and type of Fluoride found in the Soil / Water.

Too much Fluoride, whether taken in from the Soil by Roots, or absorbed from the Atmosphere by the Leaves, retards the growth of Plants and reduces Crop Yields. Growing plants with well water is like pumping the fluoride equivalent of 25 to 100+ tubes of fluoridated tooth paste in with the soil throughout the plants life… that’s because well water averages a 0.7 ppm contamination of fluoride… and unfortunately that is what I assume the majority of our foods are grown with at this time.

With Plants that are Sensitive to Fluoride Exposure, even Low Concentrations of Fluoride can cause Leaf Damage, and a Decline in Growth.

Although Fluoride was once considered an Essential Nutrient, the U.S. National Research Council has since removed this Designation due to the lack of Studies showing it is essential for Human growth.

It is important to note that if Fluorides are absorbed too frequently it will cause Calcification of the mammalian Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland is Biological Filter for Fluoride. It has the most Profuse Blood Flow 2nd only to the Kidneys, with the Highest Concentrations of Fluoride throughout the entire Mammalian Body, ranging from 20,000 ppm to 25,000 ppm.

Both the Pineal Gland and The Kidneys turn Fluorides from our Diet / Blood Stream (note: Smoking, Vaporizing, Water Vapors in the shower, Air (15-50 ppb) into Calcium Fluorides, which are safer to process out of the body. The Pineal Gland processes built up calcium fluorides to safely exit the body through urine at night, the process involves the molecule n,n-DMT which is produced naturally in the Pineal Gland, many plants contain this molecule, and this molecule is good medicine for decalcification of the Pineal Gland if taken before your sleep as concentrated dried plant matter (nearly boil plant matter containing n,n-DMT, let settle for an hour, scoop off top layer of water and dry it in a glass dish), the urge to urinate will increase and you should wake up to do so accordingly. The molecule n,n-dmt neutralizes the electronegative effects of fluorides in the blood stream by clumping together with fluorides to help them safely exit the body.

If these two filters cannot handle the fluoride they are being exposed to, then Fluorides may end up in other calcium deposits throughout our bodies, like our Bones, which can cause Skeletal Flurosis, (which may lead to Arthritis or Joint Pains), this may even be the general cause of Arthritis.

Dental Flurosis (White spots on Teeth) which may lead to Tooth Decay, is an obvious sign of wider systemic damage.

An obvious indication of a significant reduction in fluoride exposure to your body is remembering your dreams from each time you sleep, and vividly.

You are more than welcome to rewrite this information and share anywhere.

This information is updated as frequently as I can update it at

You are experiencing a subjective reality, and there are many others experiencing a subjective reality as well, but we are all the universe it’s self, and so we must not activate neural pain networks.

Much Love,

– И

NASA report civilization collapse

study sponsored by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center:

‘Human And Nature DYnamical’ (HANDY) model

“the fall of the Roman Empire, and the equally (if not more) advanced Han, Mauryan, and Gupta Empires, as well as so many advanced Mesopotamian Empires, are all testimony to the fact that advanced, sophisticated, complex, and creative civilizations can be both fragile and impermanent.”

“Currently, high levels of economic stratification are linked directly to overconsumption of resources, with “Elites” based largely in industrialised countries responsible for both: ”

“… accumulated surplus is not evenly distributed throughout society, but rather has been controlled by an elite. The mass of the population, while producing the wealth, is only allocated a small portion of it by elites, usually at or just above subsistence levels.”

“Technological change can raise the efficiency of resource use, but it also tends to raise both per capita resource consumption and the scale of resource extraction, so that, absent policy effects, the increases in consumption often compensate for the increased efficiency of resource use.”

“Modelling a range of different scenarios, Motesharri and his colleagues conclude that under conditions “closely reflecting the reality of the world today… we find that collapse is difficult to avoid.” In the first of these scenarios, civilisation:”

“…. appears to be on a sustainable path for quite a long time, but even using an optimal depletion rate and starting with a very small number of Elites, the Elites eventually consume too much, resulting in a famine among Commoners that eventually causes the collapse of society. It is important to note that this Type-L collapse is due to an inequality-induced famine that causes a loss of workers, rather than a collapse of Nature.”

While some members of society might raise the alarm that the system is moving towards an impending collapse and therefore advocate structural changes to society in order to avoid it, Elites and their supporters, who opposed making these changes, could point to the long sustainable trajectory ‘so far’ in support of doing nothing.”

“Collapse can be avoided and population can reach equilibrium if the per capita rate of depletion of nature is reduced to a sustainable level, and if resources are distributed in a reasonably equitable fashion.”

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