cheap oil bad for economy

well, cheap oil is bad for duck cheney’s economy not mine. mebbe if a barrel gets cheaper he will have a heart attack and die.

all the news outlets, the major main stream guys all have articles about how cheap oil is bad for the economy. i remember reading articles at those same outlets bemoaning the fact that expensive oil will destroy the economy.

i figger dat rich people with vested interest in high oil prices bribe the major news outlets to run articles extolling the virtues of high oil prices.

for example, it’s good for me, a factory worker, to pay high gaz-o-leen prices. it’s good that truckers and other distribution transportation (for food deliveries or cheap crap from china) pass along their costs for high oil to the stores who pass along their costs to me. that’s good! double plus good.

but when oil is cheap and prices drop on food and other items that is bad. BAD! BAD! BAD!

i dont get it. i do understand that folks with lots of money will try and brain wash me to believe what they think i should beleive.

in uhmerika there is only one game in town, oil. the uhmerikan way of life of wasting everything depends on it. when oil runs out then uhmerika dies. until then, PARTAY!

i dont understand why a guy who has billions of dollars wants more, especially if he has to get it by taking everyone else’s dollars.

i work in a factory. i only make so much money. i have very little on no benefits. if i am lucky i can stay at the same level i am now. i dont see much advancement in salary. if i had more money i could waste it on more things. i do have some debt, just enough for a credit history. but high wages for workers is bad but high incomes for billionaires is good.

HAH! the uhmerikan goobermint just announced it had spent ONE TRILLION DOLLARS(!) for the war in afghanistan. hot dam. jest think of all the electric cars and solar panels and wind mills and storage bat-trees a feller could have bought wiff dat. instead it wuz spent on a war not won.

of course it warnt spent on the war, no, of course not. some how most of that money went into the pockets of men like duck cheney who complain the low price of oil is bad for the economy. FART!

what ever the real reason i catch a break for a spell. who can say how long it will last? what is the real condition of the planet’s oil reserve? should we really be pumping all that out? should we really be at war with each other?

i read things just a year ago and now the exact reverse is happening. newspeak must be in full force. as long as uhmerikans can buy food at wally mart and cheap liquor and illegal drugs and drive cars and talk on smart phones about dumb things then they wont give a rat’s ass about the true state of affairs.


NASA’s warp drive space ship concept

NASA released computer generated images of what it thinks a warp drive space ship will look like.

imagine designing a car without knowing how the engine will work. think dystopian meme where cars are pulled by horses.

that is exactly what NASA has done. we “designed” a warp drive space ship but we dont know what will power it. yeah, right.

humans have spent 70 years trying to “harness” fusion power but it’s always deemed 20 years away. the warp drive space ship may need some exotic propulsion powered by something more powerful than even anti matter and dilithium crystals.

the truth is we just dont know.

my house is powered by fusion reaction. i put solar panels on my roof. 93 million miles is about how close you want to be to a fusion reaction.

some say the sun is powered by birkeland currents instead. the best minds we got say that the way “they” think fusion works should produce neutrinos in a certain amount which dont seem to be detected.

i have to discount the NASA warp drive space ship. do you think a republican controlled uhmerikan political system would actually fund a warp drive space ship? trillions of dollars that could be given to wall street instead? you got to be kidding me. it’s just technolust porn for eggheads.

uhmerikan education system is only able to produce junkies and burger flippers. TPTB dont want  educated citizens who can figger out how badly they have been fucked over by the 1%, so scratch warp drive space ships. uhmerikan aint got the technological manufacturing base to pull it off. i say we let china steal our designs and let them build it. jade rabbit anyone?

ashamed to be uhmerikan

i am so ashamed to be uhmerikan. to peace loving citizens of the world i am truly sorry. non one, that is NO ONE, listens to mu opinions.

for example: “uhmerikan scientists recreated the 1917 spanish flu virus”.


am i supposed to be proud and patriotic? am i to wave the uhmerikan flag and march up main street? i think not. i am totally disgusted. as uhmerikans we have so many scientists we can waste them weaponizing viruses. as uhmerikans we can afford to pay such scientists top dolllar while citizens have no jobs or homes or food.

they say it is for study but the real reason is for weapons. first to kill unuhmerikanz in far away places then to kill uhmerikanz at home, for profit.

cure cancer? the common cold? perfect vaccines without side effects? nope. how about develop fusion power, cold or warm is ok by me. distribute high output solar panels? reduce property taxes? 30 hours work for 40 hours pay? no, nothing good just lame assed stupid shit. yup, that’s what uhmerikanz are best at.




niggers are out to destroy humanity. not poe black pipple but rich white men. they have highly trained, educated and paid servants research diseases that kill people. instead of developing weakened strains that give people the sniffles, niggers have their servants develop strains with 90% mortality.

bill gates, the world’s richest nigger,wants to unleash a mosquito air force to spread GMO organisms to curtain conception.

the bullet in atomic scientists have a damning article about crazy scientists developing killer germs that seem to get out of the lab. read it and weep at:

i live in uhmerika. i suffer from first world disconnect. some asshole cut me off on the commute to work/home. i work with murderers and junkies becuz me boss wants to hire the cheapest labor he can get. not only him but all bosses. all the US manufacturing jobs has ben shipped to china and the dredges remain. stick a fork in our asses and turn us over we is done. WW3 wont be won buy uhmerika.

the supreme court, the congress, the presidency has all sold us out to the highest bidder. for giggles and laffs we get pommeled with the LGBT agenda. sure, let’s embrace LGBT, mebbe they can sort thangs out and bring peace and prosperity. those niggers running the show aint doing no better. remember, a nigger is a white rich man.

i want a LGBT to step forward and clean up diz mess. kaint do it? well! back to dee closet wiff you!


solar power update

i cobbled up a frankenstein (or is it frankensteen?) high tech  solar cart. if i put some brass and leather accents on it and an old needle volt meter i could have called it steam punk.  40 watt panel, agm deep cycle battery, charge controller and dc/ac pure sine wave inverter. i actually used it practically during hurricane sandy which delivered 8 day black out. i had CFL and a cd radio boom box running. if the cable internet was up i could have run my laptop too.

i was using an AC charger but it bothered me. so just recently i bought car charger for my power tool batteries.  i got an automotive 12 volt female plug. i wired it directly to to the agm battery terminals. i plugged in the car charger and the power on light lit up. next a discharged power tool battery. it commenced charging.

a closed loop. the energy to make all these gadgets run is now off the grid. saturday was sunny and i was able to charge all six nicads. when i bought the car charger i bought two li-on batteries also.

i have another brand power tool system (home despot) and i intend to get the car charger for those also. why? neither ac charger will operate off the solar carts, even the ones with “pure” sine wave inverters. the sine wave inverters run any other chargers for nimh batteries (D,C.AA,AAA).  my home is augmented by a 3 kw pv array and has an inverter grid tied. the chargers have no problem using that. go figger.

here is a link to the solar cart charging a battery:


i live close to a “sneers” hardware store. i bought the cart on sale for $60. a good value but the wheels are cheap. the batteries are for a “sneers” portable cordless system. what i use the most with the batteries are the florescent work light and weather band am/fm radio. still, i can now use my power tools, circular saw, drill, sander, jig saw with a closed energy loop. no more fossil fuel inputs.

as a prepper, doomer and survivalist i can out last the collapse of the uhmerikan way of life for a short while until someone  pops a cap in my hade and takes all my goodies.

economic black out

during hurricane sandy i haz 8 dayz of no electric power from the grid. lucklishly i had a portable solar generator so i cood lissen to dee radio and have a lite. now thangs are back to normal, BAU. but….

there is a shack across the street that wuz unoccupied for a few yeers. some folks moved in through the fall and they had 3 flood lites on all through the nite. most of the houses around here are all electric wiff wood stoves as an economical alternative. lots of folks use propane also.

although i had 8 dayz wiffout electric my electric bill for that period came to …are you reddy?….$224!!!!!! that pumps water, heetz water, cooks and lites. and dat wuz wiff some juice provided by me 3 kw roof mounted PV solar array.

i suspect dat the folks across dee street got their electric bill becuz they haint got no flood lites on all nite anymore. i bet a multi hunnerd dollar electric bill created some cost cutting and flooding the area wiff lite dat no one is using wuz dee first to go. now mebbe day wuz afeerd of dee dark bean city slickers transplanted to dee boonies. well, keeping money in dayz pocket cured dem reel quick like of dat phobia.

now i can see dee stars agin and meat eaters. what are meat eaters? some sort of raptor? nope, dayz be shooshting stars.

so you see we had a black out from moe foe nature and now from dee electric company. in dee future, dee neer future, there will lots of economic black outs as folks kaint afford electric.

BAU nov 18, 2012

firstly, although parts of my state were completely wiped out the fact is most of it wasnt. i have seen with my own eyes the parking lots of the malls in bergen county,nj at capacity as well as the roads leading into them. 2 weeks ago there were lines at the gas stations, on the 16th there were lines on interstate 287 and state 208 for 10 miles or more. i submit that things are BAU. no fecal matter has hit the fan.

i ordered a 3.25 kw generator online from a well know tool distributor and it arrived within 5 days! checking the big retail chains all online orders were to be shipped between 10 to 40 days. there were none in stock within 50 miles of my zip code.

do i want to buy a generator, even a 300 dollar one? no. i have to buy a generator. why? because goobermint and corporations cannot be relied to fulfill their duties (unless that duty is to maximize profits and only maximize profits).

most supermarkets allow a consumer to purchase a certain amount of product over a certain time period and qualify for a “free” turkey. many corporations hand out “free” turkeys at thanksgiving. i got a free turkey and a free lasagna this year. of course the freeness of these items is hidden in higher costs and lower wages as the case may be. now all i need is some pie in the sky.

the solar panel array has generated 5.16 kwh today as of 1 pm so i “saved” myself about a buck from the evil electric company. i fart in their general direction, maybe the methane i released will help warm the planet!