rich white man=nigger

yeah, see, dont like it? too bad! instead of calling poe black people niggers we should be calling rich white people niggers. we should use the same inflection….”nnnigggerrr”. the connotation has to be one of hatred.

let me list some niggers:

steve jobs, dead but still a nigger.

elon musk, spaced out but still a nigger.

justin beiber, a canadian but still a nigger.

joe biden, vice president of uhmerika but still a nigger.

George Soros, billionaire but still a nigger.

Warren Edward Buffet, billionaire but still a nigger.

William Henry “Bill” Gates III, billionaire but still a nigger. besides anyone who would release windows 8 has to be a nigger.

Ben Shalom Bernank, chairman of the federal reserve but still a nigger.

jon corzine, ex gooberner of nj and CEO of goldman sacks, still a nigger.

Jerry Sandusky,former coach and child molester, still a nigger.

William Shatner, commander of the enterprise, but still a nigger.

president O!bama, president of uhmerika bit still a nigger. being a nigger aint got nuthin to do with his blackness.

all the bushes, some presidents, some goobernors, mebbe some dog catchers but all niggers.

the clintons bill and hillary, both niggers.

a nigger is someone who has power and money and prestige but doesnt use that power, money or prestige to do good in the world (health, peace, prosperity). this list is not comprehensive and some arent included for brevity.

there arent any flying cars, there arent any jet packs, no cure for the common cold, no pyramids in the dessert, no moon bases, no cities under the sea, no fusion power (TOO CHEAP TO METER!), just wars and rumors of wars, famine, pestilence,refugees, unemployment, low wages, O!pression.

it seems all these folks are working for skynet. KILL ALL HUMANS!




TITAN, a moon of Saturn

boffins say that titan, a moon of saturn is covered in hydrocarbons. IT HAS LAKES OF METHANE!!! these boffins say the lakes are similar in volume to the great lakes of the usa. i say we build a fleet of space ships and go get the methane. boffins also say people need the resources of six earths for everyone to have the lifestyle of the average uhmerikan. here is a planet we can rape without worrying about blue people as portrayed in the movie avaTAR.

earthikins' moon

THE moon of earth

earth’s moon isnt supposed to have oil. it may have a form of helium to use in atomic fusion reactors. but some other boffins say oil didnt come from dinosaurs and decayed plant life so why couldnt the moon have oil? it’s all very confusing.

i envision¬† giant tanker ships along the icarus and daedalus design. boffins at the british interplanetary society¬† have already drawn up plans in the 1970’s and are currently updating them. all one has to do is lower a big bucket as the spaceship sails past titan and scoop up methane. or go into orbit and lower a long hose to vacuum up some methane.