i get treeted like a knee grow

i quit me job today becuz i felt like it wuz goan ter git me a hart attack. i haz only ben deer 5 months. itz my boss. he cursed me out on tuesday 13 of march. i wanted to get some advice about the proper rework of a product. he
sez in duh most fell voice, “get the fuck away from me, dont bother me. dont you know wut to do by now!”

during my 2nd week i axed him some technical advice and he flat out told me he isnt goan to help me and i shouldnt talk to him. in fact, he sed as much once a month for the 5 months i ben deer.

back in february we wuz having an audit to renew out quality system, a day before he comes up to me oncommom civil and ax me to sign this paper and this paper and this paper, etc. he sez, “i knowz i haint trained joo at all but sign deez and i’ll katsup after dee audit”. well, 4 months after dee audit i doan see no katsup nor moose turd neether. i suspect he wanted me to sign the training documents so he kan cover hiz ass and hang me out to dry. only a heel duz dat.

he made it kleer from day won i warnt welcome. during my 1st week i axed a coworker advice about paperwork and he comes in screaming at dee bowf of us why iz we talking? WTF?! damn, this guy is harsh.

i decided to find a new job back in february after the falsifing of training documents. i see jobs but 40-50 miles away. wut to do? i think and think, QUIT!
i feel better. i jest hard scrabble for a job and mebbe next won better environment.

now i noze wut a black man gets. only problem, eye iz white and so is me boss. i guess i must look like the guy who raped hiz daughter or mebbe he thinks i borrowed money off him and never paid it back OR mebbe i wuz supposed to give him a kick back. i doan know. maybe i reelly iz black. i got some strange cognitive defect weer i see my skin white but every won else sees black.

i tried my best without instruction and i made lotz of mistakes. everyone sez i should ax my boss but my boss sez doan ax him. well, i quit.

the owner axed me wut dee problem iz but how can i rat my evil boss out? wont he feint innocence and den make me life even more miserable? so i goze in to get me dollar calculator and i send an email to the owner telling him i quit and include the partikulars detailed about.

itz too late for me but i tied me boss’s hands. it will take only one other collaborating complaint to verify my accusations. besides, the fact dat i quit to avoid retaliation speaks volumes.

of course i herd nuttin from no won from the company. i knowz dey got the email becuz i sent a cc to me home account. it warnt as much to hammer me boss as it wuz to save me live. didnt feel like ending up in the horsepital wiff stress related injuries.

i even axed jesus to help me. wut man is more powerful dan jesus? i know from personal experience dat jesus can work miricules. besides who else can i turn to? you? (fart!) life in uhmerika is hard. every won tries to torpedo some won else to get ahead. itz extreme nastiness. this my second job where no won wanted to show me the ropes. it wuz just plain fuck you in yur face.

it could be i am missing the directives, i dont watch televison. i dont have a smart fone. mebbe i doan eat enough meat. something is amiss, something is afoot. itz all very queer.


knee grow britons

it wuz all over dee inter tubes early march. ancient britons of 6000 yeerz ago were black. “they” even had a picture of one such pussin. it looked like a young alec guiness in black face. every web site i usually visited had this story. well guess wut? a few weeks later a boffin comes out and sez dat deer iz now way we know wut the pigmentation of ancient pipplz iz.

it wuz all a bunch of crap. but…i seen pictures of london from the 1960’s. it wuz solid white. now britonz are all knee growz. datiz to say the complexion of briton when from lite to dark. itz a strange wold…

the vinter of discomboobalation

vinter 2017-2018

lots of klawdz. almost no snow through most of january. then…i got 6 snow storms ranging between 3-6 inches that got rained on and turned to 1-2 inches of slush/ice. plus i got one snow storm that was 1-2″ of slush/ice with 2 inches of snow on it. this was through february. oh, did i mention the rain? 3 rain storms with totals of 1-3 inches!

so march gets here. 1 week i get 15 inches of heavy snow. it wasnt quite wet but it wasnt fine dry powder, not by a long shot. then…3 days later i get 21 inches of the same stuff…

the only saving grace is that even a cloudy day in march with slightly above freezing temps will see shoveled areas clear up very nice indeed.

a few more inches expected on the heels of that. spring equinox in 10 days. now i have seen heavy snow twice in april. it is usually gone in a day or two. it does happen. most of march is still winter so i cant blame “gloppal warning” but i shore doan like dee timing.

i hear the birds lamenting. all master man is still at the mercy of unpredictable weather. climate is what you expect and weather is what you get.

becuz of short daylight and heavy klawdz all i could do is keep a charge on my solar carts. besides, i wanted them in reserve for any mains power interruption.
lucklishly, i did not experience any major long term black outs. during both storms the power blinked many time momentarily but did not go out. i did have a 3 hour outage in january during brutal cold single digit weather. lucklishly again it wus an on common sunny day and i wuz able to warm dee house wiff open winders.

i did get enough snow to bury the roof top solar panels for a few days each event. the panels are buried right now. well, eventually the snow will melt and warmer days will arrive and i can reduce consumption of mains electric.

in related news the day after the most recent blizzard i stayed home becuz the various goobermints are not prepared to quickly clean the roads. the utilities are unprepared to restore power to those unlucky customers.

i red on line dat a feller who got off dee highway at the exit i use to go to work drove over a live downed wire, got electrocuted, died and hiz car caught fire and was burned to a crisp. the 2nd day after dat storm i went into work and spoke to my boss about it. in fact, i mentioned it to everyone i could becuz it was very near the employment.

it is best to stay home and be safe rather than attempt to travel and possibly get killed. YOSH!


MARCH is “stop blaming white people” month

i just found out that march is “stop blaming white people” month. supposedly that is considered racist. which means blaming white people is ok.

the complete message is: “Accept responsibility for your own bad choices. Hug a white person!”

i’m cool with that. disclaimer, i’m a white person. in fact i am an old white man. i’m 62, that’s 17 in Celsius.

i didnt know that march was/is/will be special. it’s been going on for years but apparently some one or something has been suppressing this information. why?



put another shrimp on the barbie, mate!

guest post from mth0ma5:
“Mob of fair dinkum bogans there who’ve hit the Turps and are chockers of Amber fluid and mad as a cut snake cause of trod on plugger. All kangaroos loose in the top paddock!”


guest post

julian ware:
“This infuriates me. I really don’t know how to say what I’m feeling in a positive way. Something about entitled rich kids with no talent or experience who know people with less talent and no creativity but a lot of money who want to invest in pointless crap because they have no clue what people want, what sounds like a good idea, or what might make money. The whole things is a waste and a testament to the excesses of startup culture entirely disconnected from anything important that might motivate people to do something useful or beneficial or even just worth anyone’s time. Too many people told these dolts that they had a good idea. The kind of hipsters who fear contradiction. The kind of people who say nothing as fascism becomes the norm. The kind of people who simply sit back and watch the culture devolve because they know no better. End of rant. But, yeah, let’s PLEASE try to tell people when their ideas are shit BEFORE the money is wasted.”


guest post

fair use, important social issue, blah-Blah-BLAH!

“John Harrington April 30, 2009 · 6:46 pm
It’s time for a large number of New Yorkers to move out to the central plains where a more livable city can be built from scratch.

New2York would have free public transport paid for by the electric co-generation system that harnesses wind so effectively, all residents get unlimited free power.
The excess money collected by selling electricity back to the grid would go into food production and all residents would get free food, with the surplus sold to backward cities that are operated the way the original New York operates.
The excess food proceeds would then be directed toward high quality public housing, which would be, of course, free.
In fact, in New2York, everything would be free, including the money, whcih would be equally apportioned to everyone for just being there.
In this manner, it would be impossible for a person to get sentenced to two to four years in prison for nicking the MTA by folding one of the MTA’s flawed rider cards to fool the flawed card reader.
There would simply be nothing to steal.
Unless, of course, you handle other people’s money – there’s always plenty of that to steal, right Bernie?”