02-28-2011 email to POTUS

heh-heh! i saw your you tube speech about “sacrifice”. did gold man sax sacrifice? did ben bernancke sacrifice? did paulson sacrifice? did geithner sacrifice? did sommers sacrifice? did GM big wig sacrifice? did you sacrifice? how about any of the bushes or billy boy? nope. and that makes you an idiot and a moron. why?  for taking advice from those people and the people  who gave you advice about the gulf of mexico oil spill. did wayward hayward sacrifice anything?
you cant seriously think i will sacrifice anything unless i am forced to.  i already have sacrificed my future to the bankster elites who control you and the goober mint. please sacrifice your stupidity for the good of the nation.


email to dc rep fed 23 2011

i read the u.s. army is stock piling rubber bullets for crowd control. i read the usa and canada have a reciprocal agreement where they will send each other’s troops to each country in the event of a civil technological and natural disaster.and we have extension after extension of the fascist unpatriot act.we also have massive unemployment and foreclosures and record braking bonuses for the bankster elite. the goober mint gives away trillions of dollars to the rich while the average citizen carries the burden of paying for it all.
the usa supports democratic revolutions all over the world. will the usa support a democratic revolution here?
remember the WW1 vets who camped out in washington awaiting their discharge bonuses? congress ordered the troops to fire on them.
no doubt the federal goober mint will take a lesson from quack daffy in lybia and fire on it’s own citizens.
i bet you would vote yes to use deadly force against peaceful protesters.
i noticed you voted yes for $555 billion dollar pentagon budget. where’s my cut? i have to work in a dirty filthy unsafe and unhealthy factory and make just enough money to stay in my house and eat?
i aint getting my $45,000 worth. that’s how much pundits say every man woman and child in the usa owns to the national debt. i am 55 years old and have never received any service or benefit from the federal goober mint equaling $45,000. best you take it from the $450,000 bonuses wall street got.
hey! look at that, pundits say every one owes $45.000, one tenth of the average bankster bonus.


i am childless. i just know i would be a bad parent. one reason is a  lack of money. experts say child abuse is passed down. my pap beat me and i knew i would beat my children. it is what i was taught. pap worked  3 jobs and came home exhausted. no time for help with school work or making model air planes or sitting in the back yard looking for shooting stars.

we had clothes and food and a roof over our heads and beatings. i was 15 years old before we got a color tv. we never went to disney land although we did go to the 1964 world’s fair.

i figure that i would not have enough money to give my children the things they need. i would come home exhausted from work with no time for home work, making model air planes or sitting in the back yard looking for shooting stars. i would never take my kids to disney land or go scuba diving in cancun. in short they would have had wants and desires i could not fullfil and they would hate me and i would beat them. the circle would be complete.

and they in turn would learn that you beat your children.

mam and pap would often tell me even as an adult, ” good sons and daughters dont ask their parents for help”. yup, that brutal. pap did inquire about my status many years later. i always replied, “the same as always” with no details. they trained me too well. he stopped asking.

i understand there are parents who help their children. they give them sound advice and financial aid when necessary.

the problem is uhmerika is a sick nation with a broken society. just as pap had to work long hours so do many other paps and now a days mams. children grow up with outbursts of anger from frustration and failure. supervisors and bosses, psychotic ans psychopathic, threaten parents with starvation and homelessness. “work hard and long for very little money or i will fire you!”, they say. parents take it and take it, go home and beat their kids.

minimum wage…heh-heh! as i write this it’s $7.50 an hour in new jerky. they had a commission recently recommend it not be raised. one aspect they used for the decision was the cost of living in this fair state. just imagine a bunch of guys making $100,000 or more coming to the conclusion that one can live within a 100 mile radius of new york city on $7.50 an hour.

i currently make $16 per hour. THAT is minimum wage. i can pay my property taxes, utility bill, phone bill (POTL), internet, insurance, food, service a small revolving debt and still buy one six pack a week AND take my girl friend out to low cost or free venues. that’s it! no saving for retirement or having  3 months emergency savings in the bank or buying a new car or going to disney land or scuba diving in cancun. i have no kids. i live by myself.

i am very low down and ornery. i could not imagine being a good and kind and gernerous parent on this money. how can any commission conclude there is no need to raise the  official minimum wage?  because the elite want it that way. they want parents to beat their children. the elite dont want generations of well adjusted, reasonable and intelligent families. they want emotionally crippled citizens who cant think straight so they can O!-pressed and exploited.

my brudder is an alcoholic junkie. it appears to me it is a result of pap’s beatings. i am an under achiever. two failures. i should procreate new life into the cycle of failure?  i’m 55. with any luck it is just too late.

once a brother in law mentioned to me he caught his son surfing porn on the internet. he asked, “what am i supposed to do?” and what sort of advice should i have given? beat the crap out of him like my pap done to me?

my mam now a days is very protective of the grand children. we all must be “HAPPY!” at any family gathering with no bad vibes or negative thoughts. funny, mam never told pap not to beat us. we got tons of bad vibes and negative thoughts. but then mam was rather phony.

uhmerika is phony.




i was wondering why you didnt vote the first time around for the unpatriot act but you voted yes the second time around?why was there a second vote if the unpatriot act extensions were knocked down?
do we really need the apparatus of totalitarianism and fascism?
and what of the peaceful revolution in  egypt and now all over the middle east? are revolutions only good for other nations?
can a time come when we need a revolution in the good old usa?i think that time is nearing. i am leaning towards joining the peaceful revolution. isnt that why you guys need an extension of the unpatriot act? the usa was created from a revolution. i was taught that in school.
“We welcome… laid off workers and victims of forced evictions to participate in demonstrations, shout slogans and seek freedom, democracy and political reform to end ‘one party rule’.” this was posted on the internet from chinese dissidents but it sure sounds like they were talking about the good old usa. the chinese dissidents  have “disappeared”. i’ll warrant the unpatriot act will make many american dissidents “disappear”.
why is unemployment so high and bankster bonuses so high?
pundits are spreading a great lie across the various media. they say every man woman and child in the usa owes between $45,000 and $90,000 because of the national debt. didnt most of that money go to the crooked wall street bankster elite? arent they the ones who owe that money? arent they the ones who reaped ( or more correctly raped) the benefit of public largess?
they have so much money they can hire corrupt pundits to spread these lies until it becomes accepted. but they wont hire folks to run the factories and offices in the usa.
our elected officials do nothing because they are owned by the very same crooked wall street bankster elite. “citizen we have no money for you and your benefits and entitlements. you must work hard for very little money and then get old quickly and die.”
that’s the message i get. i guess the crooked wall street bankster elite aint getting their  propaganda value.maybe you can tell them for me.


Thank you for contacting me to share your objections to extending the Patriot Act.  I appreciate learning of your views.


I share your concerns regarding excessive overreach by the federal government.  I am committed to reducing burdensome government regulations and intrusions into our private lives.  At the same time, we must ensure our intelligence agencies have the resources they need to protect our nation.  I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues on many issues important to our national defense and will keep your concerns in mind as we consider expiring provisions of the Patriot Act.


Please be assured I will work with my colleagues to keep our nation safe while respecting the rights guaranteed to Americans by our founding fathers.


Thank you for contacting me. As Congress debates solutions to the challenges facing our nation, I hope you will continue to share your thoughts and views with me. Should you have any further questions or comments about this or any legislative issue, please do not hesitate to contact me in my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-4465. Also, please visit me at www.facebook.com/repscottgarrettwww.youtube.com/repscottgarrett, and my website at www.house.gov/garrett to sign up for my e-newsletter for the latest updates from Washington, D.C. and around the district.


Scott Garrett
Member of Congress



so what will happen to mubarak’s billions? if the usa recovered 70 billion dollars it could be used to fund social security or pay for extended unemployment benefits.

i think i mentioned that all the banksters gave themselves $450,000 each after they got QE1 and QE2. what do we get , the citizens? higher taxes and reduced benefits. “we cant afford it”.” the country will go broke.” all the big boys got their cut and now the citizen gets cut out.

the patriot act extensions failed to be voted in but congress wants to vote on it again. why?

are all you guys afraid of an eygyptian style peaceful revolution?

george bush sed the constitution is just a piece of paper. george bush sed the the social security bonds put in the lock box are just pieces of paper. i dont remember you calling him out on it.

afghanistan is a stone age nation but we cant defeat the enemy with the biggest, baddest and most expensive military on the planet. it seems that is another nation where we send billions of dollars and it goes right into the secret bank accounts of corrupt politicians, many of them directly appointed by the usa. and we have you saying we must cut social security. we have you voting no on unem extensions. we have you suggesting that the property tax deduction be eliminated.

i am not sure i get anything for my federal taxes. i cant afford to fly so i havent had my crotch grabbed in the name of home land security.

and then there is the forgotten war in iraq. still spending billions there. but we cant afford social security.

all the time gold man sacks places it’S top people in the federal reserve and treasury and hands out billions and trillions to itself and other banks and big corporations that offshore jobs and lower wages.


my DC rep punks out on patriot act

editor’s note: my DC rep didnt vote yes or no to extend the patriot act hence this email reproduced here.

i see you didnt vote either way for the patriot act extension. why not? you should have voted with the majority to get rid of it. i grew up in a usa without the patriot act. it seems that every act has a name with the reverse meaning. there is nothing patriotic about the patriot act. it is the apparatus of totalitarianism and fascism. if the usa stops killing civilians with unmanned drones or having CIA operatives killing people in other countries maybe they will stop hating us for our freedoms. like the freedom to have a low paying job in a dirty, filthy, unsafe, unhealthy and dangerous factory or maybe even freedom from at job at all.
i paid my property taxes today. do you still think that the property tax deduction on federal income tax should be removed? each quarter i have to shell out over $2000. guess what? i dont take home $2000 a month in pay. so i am paying over 1/3 of my take home pay to the town. why would you want to eliminate such a tax break?  where do you get such strange notions? what is it that motivates you?
who is your counsel? where do you seek guidance from? i suggest a change.
as to civility…i aint shooting no one with a gun. i aint plotting the violent over throw of the goober mint. that is civility enough.
i could be much more civil if i got a $450,000 bonus and got to wear an armani suit like banksters did. being left with the short end of the stick has tempered any civility i have. be grateful i just email you. and you know what? you will do what ever you want because you know that nothing will happen.  except maybe these emails. you got off lightly indeed. i wish i wasnt so civil.