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some of my posts on a dating site have met with very sarcastic and abusive responses. when i dont post the response folks say i aint got no balls.

here are some recent posts:


militant feminist alpha dominatrix

FLAME ON! some super hero sed dat when he wanted to use hiz super power.

i saw a video on the web how a beta gorilla became an alpha gorilla buy rolling and banging on an empty 5 gallon tin. it’s that easy. sometimes a bunch of betas will gang up on a alpha and murder him (so they can get laid).

and then i read another article on xojane about a woman who complained of mail gamers using the term “feminazi”. i guess that’s lots easier to say than militant feminist alpha dominatrix.

you can read the article heer:

at first i wuz somewhat sympathetic but towards the end the person who wrote the article, i am assuming it’s a femail, laced into a long diatribe which is full of negative stereotypes about mail gamers. well, it only convinced me to believe that the person who wrote the article, i’m assuming it’s femail, is indeed a feminazi. the same tactics and emotions that were complained about were used. it is just a case of revenge venting.

it takes all sorts in this world of ours. there are so many bad characters out there, mine for instance. but i am in good company.

i remain your cut n paste hill billy philosopher on ok cue pid.


goobermint scanning social networks

it’s all over the inter tubes that the goobermint scans all social networks along with email and cell phone.

DARPA, DHS, CIA, homey land security, dey all got a finger in dat pie. dey look for key works like atomic, food poisoning, vaccine, bomb, power utility, you get the idea. they pretty much look for any word that is in the dictionary.

i also red dat dee goobermint haz hired people to be paid trolls to guide opinions and suppress freedom of expression. how about that?

i just recently made up the phrase “militant feminist alpha dominatrix”. the word militant is on the key word watch list. but if i wuz a goobermint spy i wood be very concerned about “militant feminist alpha dominatrix”. very, very concerned….

i remain yur cut n paste hill billy philosopher on ok cue pid


angry feelings

i used to watch mr roger’s neighborhood. yo! dat’s dee only hood i come from. mr. roger sed dat angry feelings are real feelings. i am truly sorry if i have created angry feelings in any one reeding my journal posts here.

i can tell they are angry becuz they make comments about my lack of balls. in the future i will paraphrase the highlights. nothing worse than an angry alpha that cant vent.

i remain yur cut n paste hill billy philospher on ok cue pid.


work less live more

i am doing an anthropological study of angry emotions on social networks. this may prove invaluable to a repressive goobermint to target individuals for covert surveillance.

why wood certain strings of words or phrases elicit angry responses? one can study group think for repressing unpopular ideas. what sort of ridicule is effective?

i think it should be studied in detail. maybe i can apply for a grant.

work less live more.

i remain yur cut n paste hill billy philosopher on ok cue pid.


i am wondering when “they” are going to kick me off ok cupid. it warnt like i wuz getting all these dates anyway. i just started this thread a day ago so it’s not like it haz had an effect on my dating life anyway.

on ok cupid one is to make a determination about wanting to start further conversation that may lead up to a meating from a profile of 100 characters or less! when i want to buy a new camera or even an atomic weather station i read more about it  than that!


my other blog

well, i lurk dating sites. sure i want to date but it is so cut throat. alpha males and females waiting to pounce on any sign of weakness.

one site i frequent i posted the following which really bought out the alphas to retaliate.


i has ben stuck in a beta male life for 57 sevem yeers. i haz seen what alpha females do.

i submit to you:

are all human females dormant dominatrix?

fiduciary over fecundity?

fungible or flaccid?

feminine or fizgig?

when a woman tells a man they are just friends…isnt that a form of castration?



i like to think of myself as a cut n paste hill billy philosopher  but my brand of insight and humor can just set folks off.

free meals on dating sites

i read an article about a woman who cruised dating sites to get free meals.

she made it seem very legit. check it out. i may be wrong,  just bean a beta male, but xojane iz internet central for militant feminists.

a toyot

i wanted to buy a used car but anything for 2 or 3 grand wuz a piece of krap. even up to 4 0r 5 g’s it wuz purty sure i wood haz to dump money to bring it up to snuff.

so i buy a 2009 a toyot carroller. after down payment total is $14,000. i live in a state next to new york. mebbe it’s the area. still a brand spankin new car is about 20 grand.

so i got this thang almost a yeer and i smell anti freeze on 3 instances. i check the oil once a month just becuz. even using zero weight oil i only has to add a few ounces. so i open the hood and there is a line of pink on the underside and along the firewall. damm! i gotz me a bad water pump.

against my natural inclination i wuz sort of forced to buy the x-tended 150,000 warranty. so i make me appointment and i goes to the dealership. i wuz there 2 hours. they changed the water pump!  and no charge!

i suspect that the water pump on my model has a known issue. the car only has 58,000 miles on it. mebbe they have a guy who does nothing but replace water pumps. so he haz it down pat, does it in hiz sleep. i myself haz done water pumps in the home garage. 6 hours easy.

so bottom line i luck out. i never had a disabling water pump failure. the pumps weep or whine considerable before failing. most of the old clunkers i done water pumps on were high mileage, +/- 100,000 miles. it disturbs me somewhat to have to have it done on a 4 yeer old car with low mileage. yes, it’s comforting that it didnt cost me no extra money or sweat equity but still…

a toyot done right by me service and repair wise, that’s for shore. what next?  the monthly payment is due….

the voice of world control


when i wuz a kid one of the coolest times i had wuz watching “colossus, the forbin project” on tv. it is a great movie. it is a great movie even though it is over 40 yeers old. a scientist and hiz team create an AI to monitor threats to the usa. it discovers a russian AI. they link up and become one. the two countries try and stop them but the AI’s  threaten to destroy mankind.

there is a main character who happens to be black skinned. mebbe will smith can play that guy. he gets killed in a firing squad for trying to over load colossus’ programming. will smith can expound on that character.

look at wild wild west. look at i am legend. look at i, robot.will smith is trying ti remake white guy movies into black guy movies. why doesnt he make new black guy movies and cast the mold so white guys cant play them?

will smith wuz good in independence day. will smith wuz good in MIB.  i say will smith will mess up “colossus the forbin project” unless he plays president obama. in the original they had a guy who looked just like JFK so it could work could work, i think.

i just watched it on youtube at:

sandisk sansa clip+

the sandisk sansa clip+ is a mp3/wav music player. i bought mine from B&H photo video. it wuz under $40! the + version has a microSD slot. my model came with 4gb internal memory and i bought an 8gb microSD card with adapter.

i have this thing against stev jobs and applet and especially the ipud. i dont know, mebbe becuz i think SJ is an ass. besides i didnt need all the other gee whiz stuff the ipud can do and i personally witnessed how kludgey itoonz is on the PC.

the sansa clip is tiny. hold on to your hats, boys and girls! it is 2″x1″x1/2″. it has a built in rechargeable lion battery. it is not replaceable. i bought a USB car charger adapter and a male to male patch cord. it did come with a USB power and data cord.

sometimes radio is chocked full of nonsense. i plan on playing the sansa clip through the car sound system AUX jack. the sound is as good as the files you put on it. right now as i post this blog i am listening to it through the input jack on my laptop’s speakers. it is just as easy to listen to the music files through the sansa USB port.

there is a minimalist 2 color screen, 3 push buttons, one 4 way rocker pad navigator and one rocker for volume.

i am totally satisfied with the sandisk sansa clip+. i can recommend this device to anyone. i am not being paid for this review. it is a public service to other consumers.

meade digital weather station

specificall,y the meade personal weather station with atomic clock, TE388W.

the reason i bought it was becuz adorama sent me an email special, $15 and free shipping. the weather station is very compact. has LCD screen with indoor/out door temps and humidity. the weather station senses air pressure and uses temp and humidity to display a current/predictive icon of weather. icons are sunny, sun/clouds, clouds, rain or snow. the indoor base display uses 2 AA batteries. it came with a wireless remote for out side which also used 2 AA batteries. the indoor  base display can handle up to 3 remotes.

i bought another wireless thermometer many years ago and the remote had the same frequency as the meade. i set the new remote to channel 2 and can cycle between the 2 remotes, pretty slick. both base and remote have a hole for wall mounting and the base has a fold out table top stand. the digits are are large and easy to see although low contrast background.

it is my opinion that all personal weather stations are made in” weather station village” somewhere in china. the different corporations just have their logos put on the various models. no doubt the exact model i have with the same features is available under other common weather station brand names.

the temperature agrees within one degree F to another wireless weather station and 2 other wired thermometers. i cannot tell the difference between 29 degrees F and 30 degrees F any more than the difference between 20 degrees C and 21 degrees C. the icons for current/predictive weather appear to be 60% accurate. the indoor base unit can recall max and min temps both indoor/outdoor. the unit i have picked up the atomic clock signal from colorado within 5 minutes of putting the batteries in. setting the unit up was straight forward. i did have to actually read the instructions.

the reviews for this model suggest that you have 25% chance of getting a defective unit. it is a fine value and very useful for the price.

usual disclaimer. i am not getting paid for this review. it is a public service to other consumers.