honey and clover

jap anime: existential group dynamic. concentrated soap opera, low sudsing. a minor dose of weird plot twists.


how to vote for president of you knighted skanks of uhmerika

it’s very easy really. in a nut shell, reduced to the essentials all you have to is vote for the biggest asshole. yup, dat’s it!

dont like assholes? no problemmo. just vote for the biggest clown or liar or crook or incompetent buffoon. it’s really very easy. the major media outlets will tell you who these assholes, clowns, liars, crooks and buffoons are and make it all look respectable. why you will feel just jim dandy pulling dat lever in the polling both. everyone likes smoke being blown up their butts.

are you looking for a person of integrity? a moral and just person? a public servant who wont sell you out? no can do. stay home and dont vote. the major media outlets will make you feel real good voting for people who represent the criminal banksters who are economically raping you.

one can walk around with portable electrically powered artificial illumination looking for an honest candidate but you wont find one.

this is uhmerika we are talking about. we have the best politicians money can buy. the trouble is someone else bought and paid for them. some one with an agenda that dont include me and youse.

and…the up side. iffen yur boy wins you got braggin wrights. leaf yur bumper stickler on for a yeer or two until EVERYONE realizes the president of the you knights skanks of uhmerika is just a big “F” king asshole. then you will take dat bumper stickler off yurself. ASSHOLE!

transgender story

yo! behold! the power of re-al-it-tee. i am a member of the infinite monkey troupe. and here iz me story.

back in 2000, when the century waz young, i had me a 3rd shift job at a defense establishment. the company didnt have time clocks. when you entered the building you just signed in at the security desk.

i guess it wuz flex time. although i started everyday at the same time, lots of other folks started earlier and later and stayed later or left earlier. there were others, like me self, who kept to a constant schedule.

i worked in a big room. mebbe it held 300 people. i jest interfaced with the crew on 3rd and some 2nd shift people who worked near my assigned area. i did calibration.

of course i still noticed other folks. i did graduate from the acme school of private investigation. i sent in some cereal bar codes and a couple bucks and got a secret decoder ring and a DVD with videos of the basics of gumshoeing. rule #1a.c.d. clearly stated to observe your surroundings and note suspicious characters.

one such character wuz a very effeminate male about 22 years old. had strawberry blond hairdo in the manner of the beach boys.one would think this person to be asexual. mebbe mal, mebbe female, mebbe both.

this person worked in a different cell, which is an artificial and arbitrary way of specializing the work flow. it also compartmentalizes the work flow so only supervision knows what the project is about. it is a security measure for secrecy. any one worker just tightens his/her one screw but doesnt know what the big picture is.

so i kept my mine on the task at hand but noticed many things. one day the effeminate fellow failed to show up. this person wuz background. i had other problems to worry about. mebbe months went by. many months.

one day i notice a hot young gal shows up. about 22 years old with strawberry blond hair. i axed a coworker, a know it all, “who that wuz? he sez remember the gay guy? sure…, well, that’s him/her? NO WAY! yes, way.

the real men, those who knew the angle of their dangle, didnt want the gay guy in in the men’s room. let me tell you of the men’s room. it is long about 50 feet. sinks and urinals and commode stalls. when i came in sunday night which is 3rd shift monday, the first thing i did was go to each commode stall and flush the bowls. becuz… each bowl had a load of shit in it, a big nasty load of shit. who ever worked OT over the weekend took a dump in each commode stall and just left it without flushing. very foul and disgusting. these real men didnt want the gay guy to experience this manly behavior.

now the real women didnt want this gay guy using the ladies’ rest room so the company accommodated him to use and executive bathroom. way cool, huh? now the executives were long gone by the time the gay guy needed to evacuate bodily wastes.

mostly i saw this gay guy sit by hiz self with hiz legs crossed and hiz chin resting in hiz fist and hiz elbow on hiz crossed legs. there is no way i can verify this person’s genitals. male? female? hermaphlodite?

i never spoke to him but then i never spoke to many men or women there. 2nd shifters were getting ready to go home while i wuz settling in. oh, sure a few guys i spoke to, mostly those whose work over lapped mine for a few hours and the immediate 3rd shift calibrators.

same thing in the morning, us 3rd shifters gearing up and winding down to go home while 1st shifters were strolling in across a 90 minnit time span. i never did establish any relationship with any 1st shifters except the one or two calibrator lead men.

the know it all tells me the new gal is the transgendered gay guy. bullshit i calls. he sez ax the chubby lesbian. he callz her over and she collaborates the story. i still call bullshit. the chubby lesbian sez well call the gal over and i sez ok.

this young transgendered gal comes over and stands 3 feet away from me. the chubby lesbian goes to work and i chit chat with this transgendered person. she tells me she went to europe to get a sex change operation. she petitioned the supreme court of the state i live in to amend her birth certificate and driver’s license. she shows me the pills she has to take.

you must understand that i am standing 3 feet feet away. she has breasts and fine peach fuzz on her cheeks. she haz styled her hair and is wearing a dress. she looks like a girl to me.

ok, i live in uhmerika. what i am about to say should not shock anyone. this transgendered gal is the best looking gal out of all the real women on 2nd shift. the highest compliment i can give this transgendered gal is i would bang her.

she told me she still needed some more procedures to become fully functional. i guess that meant removing the penis and adding on a vagina.

this gal, wuz very forthcoming about the whole thing. she told me she got married to a women while she used to be a man. i axed how the relationship wuz goan. she sed they cry a lot.

well, i had to get back to work. i saw her off and on at her old work station. once she had on a real spiffy slacks outfit. i axed why she wuz all dressed up she sed she went on a job interview. i told her, “looking good!”.

i guess she nailed it becuz soon after i never seen her again.

ok, i want to say this again. this transgendered gal wuz the best looking gal there. once she split to a new job with her papers all in order and being “legally” a woman she didnt have no baggage like she did there. what i mean bean a man then going away and returning as a female and all that implies socially.

that’s another thing. i never heard her speak as a man but her voice as woman sure sounded the correct timbre.

it makes me think, mebbe i see some hot gal on a dating site and mebbe she used to be a man. of course in uhmerika the are men who used to be women also.

i iz comfortable in my skin so i guess i iz lucky.

well, uhmerika is a fucked up repressed puritanical nation. sex is all over used in advertising and pornography is readily available on the inter tubes but we are all hung up about it.

mebbe i haz met other transgendered folks and dont know it. a teller at the bank, a clerk at the supermarket, who can tell? i’m coo. i’m real coo.

i met many assholes, male and female. uhmerika is great at producing assholes. i guess i met straight assholes and gay assholes. i haz to. and now i suppose i will meet transgendered assholes.

the person of this story wuz no way an asshole i think she wuz the victim of assholery. mebbe i could have ben friends wiff dis person. well, i will never know.

dog & scissors

jap anime:

a bookworm gets shot and killed in a coffee shop. reincarnated as a dawg. the girl he saves buys him in a pet shop. she is into S/M. the dog gets terrorized, mostly having insults carved into his fur such as “idiot”. they communicate through metal telepathy. main female character has  special scissors she keeps in a holster strapped to her leg.

strange becuz main woman character has “AA” cups for bra size while all other women in anime have jiggles. lots of jokes about being flat chested.

as usual, other weird characters are introduced with lots of mystery. touches on S/M and lesbianism and even beastality. ZOMBIES! STALKERS! female battles, auras, ying yang. 12 episodes. otherwise it is a prime example of whimsy and foppery. i highly recommend it. innocent for adults but not for children except you be very liberal. there is no nudity or explicit sex just hints of it. once or twice i thought it was going for over the top kinkiness but no. it is well withing  “safe” range. but it is explored in a low key way.

the aweful awesomeness of bean uhmerikan

bean uhmerikan is like a gift from gawd. it is also a curse from the devil. we have it all. plenty of food, toys to play wiff, cheap alcohol, black market drugs and lots of time to do it all in.

uhmerikans use smart phones to talk about dumb things. uhmerikans have orgasms from stroking glass screens. uhmerikans drive fast cars nowhere.

umerikans always want the latest and greatest and fastest and biggest and we want it now! tekno-lust is just as stimulating as any type of recreational procreation.

perversions? you name it we got it. and we regale in them.

the quintessential saying of all uhmerikans is, “i want mine even if i have to deny you yours”. it is unspoken but true none the less.

all over the world other unuhmerikans are dying in horrible ways and living with unbearable suffering. some folks are victims of the the erf’s cataclysmic upheavals such as earthquakes, volcanoes or tsunami.

others are victims of one organized political system using it’s technological military devices against another group of organized political system. often there is the element of different philosophies and concepts of religion thrown into the mix.

death is dropped from the sky. people are blown to bits. whole areas are laid to waste. this is the kicker, there are always losers but often there are no winners.

i get to type my rambling musings on it all and think it normal. the scary part? i cant do a thing about it. but i have a ring side seat at the freak show.

i would like to think in my delusion that maybe some AI (Actual Intelligence) may read these words and chuckle a bit.

my position is enviable by millions all over the world, that is, to become an uhmerikan. i be at a disadvantage, there is no where else for me to go. there is no concept of place that is better than here for me to go. pity me.


guest post:
“Keep it simple. The goal is to besiege any country, great or small, weak or strong, whose government is not on board with the NWO agenda and destroy it. Destroy it with death, chaos and destruction- and then plunder the hell out of it. That’s a win. It’s as simple as that.”


guest post:
“One problem is that human beings are basically visceral engines. If we just had a Department of Hookers and Blow, where the children of the oligarchs could say a secret password, ala Skull and Bones, and get their brain stems marinated in their vice of choice, it would remove the sense of challenge. It’s cheating, as Oscar Wilde would agree. Of course, being the spawn of an oligarch is, in a way, cheating as well but it feels more like privilege than, say, dumb luck.

If the DHB could get university underlings at Harvard and Yale, working with Monsanto and Pfizer, to come up with some drugs and/or therapy to trick the brain stem into believing it actually worked for, deserved, and thoroughly enjoyed the illusion of domination, without it actually being there, we, the Eloi of the world, could live in peace. Maybe they could call it Crushitall. One dose and the world is under your foot. Imagine taking a leak and thinking that you are polluting the aquifer with fracking fluid. Or stirring up an ant hill and thinking you are ‘promoting democracy’ in a lesser country. The elite could enjoy their hallucinations of worldwide suffering, degradation, and humiliation while we could go on dancing in the meadows, garlands in our hair and revealing clothing wafting in the ever warm breeze.

This would save money, resources, suffering, and could even be entertaining. We could build Elite Zoos where we house our elites, huge feeding bottles of Crushitall hanging from the bars where the elites compete with each other, playing war games of ‘I’m here first. No, I’m here first!’ while we toss peanuts inside.

At least it would be more humanitarian than a bullet to that same brain stem somewhere in Siberia.”