a right brutal winter

i got a bunch of electronic digital thermometers. some of them are “weather stations”. those indicate barometric pressure and humidity.

i got two old fashioned weather stations. these are completely mechanical. the only input they need are the local air pressure and humidity to deflect  a needle to move along a calibrated graduated dial. for all practical purposes they are perpetual motion machines, as long as the earth exists.

the electronic digital type need batteries, AA or AAA type. i use recharge NIMH type. i avoided a mountain of disposable batteries and the hidden cost of always purchasing them. the recharge last at least 3 months. they have been replaced in december of 2013 and i write at the end of february 2014. soon i must recharge and replace the batteries.

digital has one advantage, a memory. the thermometers/weather stations record the max/min conditions. so here are the max/min for the last 3 months:

max: 62.1


well, what a range that is. sort of inconclusive either to global warming or ice age. i would dare say the weather is chaotic. if it had stayed all cold through the last 3 months or all warm through the last 3 months i would see a trend. less than 2 weeks ago i had a mega snow storm. now about 50% is gone. just the last friday, saturday and sunday above average, knocked that polar vortex on it’s ass. now it is in the teens at night and low 30’s during the day.

as of today i still got a good 10 inches of snow on the roof but that is far less than 2 feet it was a fortnight ago. all i do is report the facts. i dont want to be a shrill pundit becuz i aint being paid to crow one way or tuh other. i is available to TPTB to join the ranks of opinion makers. i will become a troll but my pride must be purchased dearly. i will not lie or misdirect for trifles.



YES! we have know bananas

i eat one banana every day to keep in touch with me monkey roots. ooo–ahhh-eee! i got to super market. i live in uhmerika. i dont have to climb a tree or any thing monkey like. bananas range between 49 cents and 79 cents per pound. i can never figger out how the super market sets the price. i suppose elite criminal wall street banksters set the price just like they set the price of gold or oil.

but i complain. i need my banana fix. i buy the price be damned! besides it is not technically feasible to store bananas. sometimes all the bananas are ripe and yellow. i buy six which means the first few will be at peak of flavor but the last few will be past prime am bruised and brown and pasty.  but the next time i go the bananas are rock hard green. so the first few are funky raw and the next few are almost edible.

some times, just some times, i can get mebbe four that are just almost ripe and 4 that are just a little green. when i eat the first four the second four are at perfection.

well, mostly i can get a “good” banana. me GF sez to put them in the fridge. the skins go brown but the insides stay preserved. i dont like extended chilled bananas. what wiff global warming i think bananas should grow in the 30 mile radius of NYC.

we dont have flying cars, no jet packs, no lunar bases, no manned trips to mars, no submerged cities, no nothing! why cant we genetically combine bananas with sumac trees? i think we should have a purge of scientists who have sold out to corporatism. just behead them all.


work junkie

yeah, i aint talking about a pussin who works too much i am talking about a pussin who does heroin at work.

this guy started working on the job about 2 years ago. he was fresh out of prison. i am not sure of the senetence, it being either fraud or manslaughter. sort of a large range, dont you think so? still the guy was incarcerated for 8 years! holy shit!

he worked hard and was circumspect and pretty mellow and laid back. he seemed reformed to me. at least he tried. he made low wages, low wages, sumpin like 8 bucks an hour, slave wages. he done good work of what he did and was punctual than most.

but…about six months ago he starts showing everyone pictures and videos of his neew GF. she is 21 and he is 52. he is short and chubby. a coworker points out to me the GF has track marks on her legs. that is needle marks where she is shooting up. this guy i am writing about loses weight. he says he is working out, but he looks like he aged 5 years. his face become gaunt. he starts missing work or he just leaves for hours. he is seen nodding out in his car right out side the back door.

then scrap material starts missing. my job uses sheets of aluminum, copper and steel. but then, the full sheets go missing. the junkie is caught red handed THREE TIMES! he got fired once but the boss hires him back with the understanding to pay back the losses.

i missed a few days and was late a few more time this winter because of the amount and frequency of snow falls. otherwise i go to work on time every day. it’s the drab scum of routine. yes, i drink a six pack or two but that is all i can afford. one must be well heeled to be an alcoholic or an abject bum.

the junkie supposedly went into rehab twice b ut checked himself out before detoxing complete. another habit the junkie had was borrowing money. he would ax me for 20 box. his rap was to offer me my 20 back and another 40. well, i just told him to give me my 20 back and he did every time. i bought a watch off him and a mp3 player and some costume jewelry. coworkers say mebbe it was all stolen. nothing was high class. i priced the watch at $74 and i got it for $30. he gave me the reciept for the warranty that had is name on it. i guess he wass elling everything he owned to get his next fix.

now i hear there is some bad junk going around, heroin cut with a toxic synthetic opiate. i fear that one day i will pick up a newspaper or read on line that this guy is found frozen to death or drown-ded in the river or killed in some street action.

i let this guy borrow money becuz i felt sorry for him, down on hiz luck, low wages, living in a decaying urban center, it is the faualt of society. my d.c. rep has a horse farm in the county next to me. he is on the finance committee. his local office is just a few miles away from the decaying urban center. anyone from his district including me can find illegal drugs on the street. i bet he doesnt give a shit. the d.c. rep is too busy deregulating wall street and giving soc sec to his criminal friends.

and what of home land security and the NSA and the CIA and the FBI and the local, county and state law enforcers? exactly what are they doing to justify their high salaries and benefits? they spy on every phone call, every email, every text message but they cant stop illegal drugs into the community. i think the whole system is crooked.

if heroin wasnt available this guy would still be reformed. his GF wouldnt be doing heroin. she works as an exotic dancer, a stripper. she may be a cheap hooker also but i cant say for sure.

the goobermint is spending, actually wasting, billions of dollars on the drug war. looks like we are losing. private corporations are building prisons and demanding full occupancy. one state, ny wants to give incarcerated felons a college education. but they wont do that when your not in prison, can you say student debt?

lots of people say this junkie made his own choices and now he is responsible. they wash their hands of the matter. well, my d.c. rep is responsible. every agency and it’s employees is responsible, president O!bama is responsible just as much as that junkie. by allowing hard drugs on the street they helped allow a choice that never should have been made.

i understand the practicality of it. cut your loses, expect some suffering. too big to fail banks launder drug money. arent they culpable just as much as the junkie is?

the education system is at fault. it cost too much money so both parents have to work to pay property taxes. turn key children are left to their own devices without proper adult supervision. then teachers scream it aint their fault and take 3 month vacations to europe. just as long as they are getting the money they think they deserve they really dont care what happens. i bet if citizens demanded that educators give back 10% of salary if they produce junkies there wouldnt be many junkies. instead principals are given 10% bonuses to get around salary caps.

i am pretty pissed off. i watched a guy destroy himself and i couldnt do a damned thing about it, except write a post about it on my blog. he got a lot of breaks and me and some other folks tolerated his increasingly strange behavior. BUT IT IS THE WHOLE ENVIRONMENT HE IS IMMERSED IN! society and the individual are one and the same thing.

uhmerika is a sick, sick place. personally, i think decriminalizing drugs will help. besides, big pharma is pushing deadly drugs a doctor prescribes. as long as big pharma makes billions of dollars in profits it’s ok that thousands of folks die from those very same medicines. if certain drugs drive kids crazy and they start shooting up skools, well, hey, you know, uhmerika!


i call my D.C. rep a rat (again)

dear D.C. rep:

i just watched on line the latest interview of Edward Snowden. well, he is a hero and you are a rat.
why? f-22. f-35, littoral combat ship, soc sec, unem, your criminal bankster friends in wall street, the fact you vote against my interests. yeah, and the NSA sucks too. i would write them direct but why bother seeing they are reading this email. rats watching the rats. this guy at work became a heroin junkie and lost his job today. the war on drugs means you are a rat, rat. and the NSA is run by rats. i bet they help bring in heroin to uhmerika and get it it on the streets to mess up citizens. yup, that has to be it.
and this,”A U.S. judge sentenced an 84-year-old nun, Sister Megan Rice, on Tuesday to 35 months in prison for breaking into a Tennessee military facility used to store enriched uranium for nuclear bombs.” sister megan is a heroine and you are a rat, rat.and then the atomic storage facility in NM leaks, it’s the left hand of god, rat. UHMERIKA #1!

“seperates us from monkeys”

i am discussing this article:


these monkeys used a special machine to study brain activity in different monkeys, one is “us” and the other,well, monkeys. they concluded just becuz we have a “special” area in our brains active that separates us from monkeys. monkeys fling poop and we fling atomic bombs. i dont really see the difference.

i defy any one reading this post to deny they have never scratched their ass, picked his/her nose, wanted to kill someone over some perceived infraction to your dignity, farted in a public place or never eaten a banana.

maybe monkeys are better off without that “unique” brain area. monkeys dont have to go to work or pay O!bamacare. besides from producing hitler we type of monkeys produced justin beiber. i dont understand how that special part of the brain is serving us well. monkeys didnt produce the atom bomb.monkeys dont argue about global warming.

“The area, part of the ventrolateral (at the front and side) frontal cortex, is likely to help us plan for the future, learn things from others, behave flexibly, along with other complex tasks.”

so let me get this straight, my town spent $300,000 for a 4 faced tower clock when what we need is 2 new snow plows and employees to run them. wouldnt planning for the future, say making sure the town can dig out it’s citizens be more important than a tower clock? of course, just maybe a goobermint isnt in the business of providing snow removal, it’s best out sourced. but why provide the service of time keeping? if the town clock showed the phases of the moon and the positions of the sun and planets along the ecliptic AND had  animatronic figures that did a dance, well!, i would just love that clock. THAT would separate us from the monkeys fur shur. hell, even a big giant sundial with statues of naked people that shot off a canon at local noon would have done the trick. with a clock like that the town would not even have to pave the roads let alone plow them.  why has the goobermint decided it is to be in the business of providing plain old time that i can get off the radio in my car or the clock in my car or one of my 3 wrist watches? why did the town decide it was worth spending $300,000? even if it was a grant couldnt they have gotten a grant for fixing many of the bridges that seem to be decaying?

maybe that is what separates us from the monkeys. when will scientists find out what part of the brain makes us dumbasses?


cosmic comic bruise

i has paste a short quote from the following technology  review article:


“Our cosmos was “bruised” in collisions with other universes. Now astronomers have found the first evidence of these impacts in the cosmic microwave background. ”


“There’s something exciting afoot in the world of cosmology. Last month, Roger Penrose at the University of Oxford and Vahe Gurzadyan at Yerevan State University in Armenia announced that they had found patterns of concentric circles in the cosmic microwave background, the echo of the Big Bang.”

and now another quote from a eurekalert:


Scientists reveal cosmic roadmap to galactic magnetic field

“DURHAM, NH –-Scientists on NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) mission, including a team leader from the University of New Hampshire, report that recent, independent measurements have validated one of the mission’s signature findings—a mysterious “ribbon” of energy and particles at the edge of our solar system that appears to be a directional “roadmap in the sky” of the local interstellar magnetic field.”

the following image is the magnetic map (click on it to see full size):

“Caption: Cosmic ray intensities (left) compared with predictions (right) from IBEX. The similarity between these observations and predictions—as evidenced by the similar color regions—supports the local galactic magnetic field direction determined from IBEX observations made from particles at vastly lower energies than the cosmic ray observations shown here. The blue area represents regions of lower fluxes of cosmic rays. The gray and white lines separate regions of different energies—lower energies above the lines, high energies below. Image courtesy of Nathan Schwadron, UNH-EOS.”

what if the cosmic microwave background is being influenced by the galactic magnetic field? i say we live in a electric universe and all that implies.

aint it queer how 2 different sets of data of 2 different phenomena can produce a map of striking similarity? monkeys know next to nothing about the galactic magnetic field. monkeys know next to nothing about CMB (cosmic microwave background).

what if there are other universes? is there a limit to how many there are? exactly how big is our universe? it seems to be getting bigger all the time, not just from inflation but from actual observation. however, the yard stick used to determine distance may be flawed.

of course a newer and more sensitive data collector, one costing billions of dollars should settle the matter. or does it? it seems that new data has a way of upsetting the dogma cart.

lots of people believe in dark energy. we havent really detected it yet. so there are galactic magnetic fields and i’ll warrant there are intergalactic magnetic fields. some one should calculate the flux and the current of electricity needed to produce a magnetic field over galactic and intergalactic distances. i bet the need for dark energy goes away. it should be compared to the strength of an atomic bomb, specifically to the ones dropped on japan. a scientist should say the galactic magnetic field contains enough energy equal to 10 bazillion atom bombs of the type dropped on japan. this way rubes and dumbasses can conceptualize it.

maybe that all pervasive electric/magnetic field is doing things we dont understand yet. maybe the universal magnetic field is shielding us from all those other universes. the earth has a magnetic field, the sun has magnetic a field, the galaxy has a magnetic field, i say the universe has magnetic field. i just made a scientific prediction. now you must prove me wrong.

do you know microwaves are made from magnetic fields? yup, that is how your microwave oven operates. maybe, just maybe the universal magnetic field is producing microwaves which some think are the “echo of the big bang”. maybe some giant is just making popcorn in his microwave oven and we perceive it as our universe. any time you use a microwave oven to heat up a bag of popcorn maybe you are creating a universe withe beings in it experiencing joy and anger and horror and a boredom. these beings may look just like just like us. maybe your twin is reliving your life in the 10 minnits it takes to make a bag of popcorn. maybe your twin’s scientists are using special detectors to study their universe and are considering dark energy and the big bang and all that other good stuff. maybe they had a hilter and a jesus and a justin beiber.

hey! that’s a valid philosophical and unprovable view of the universe as any. YO!

warm winter olympics

ice agers are pointing to winter blizzard BOLG that hit the east coast of the usa on feb 12-13 as the last nail in the coffin of global warming. they fail to mention warm weather in alaska. they fail to mention the warm weather in sochi where the winter olympics are being held. ice agers omit mentioning the organizers had to stock pile snow and are  using the stock pile. the weather is sunny and above freezing. the special clothes athletes wear to protect from cold are becoming a burden and many complain of being too warm!

“The unseasonable warm weather is a result of a strong ridge of high pressure that’s connected to an unusual and persistent kink in the jet stream. That kink has also triggered bizarre storms in Britain, warmth in the Arctic, sharp cold in the eastern United States and drought in California.” from a joint statement from Pennsylvania State University professor Michael Mann and Rutgers professor Jennifer Francis.

i say we are experiencing climate change. that where it was cold it is hot, where it is hot it is cold. where it was wet it is dry, where it is dry it is wet. that i am sure of. both ice agers and global warmers have an agenda being bank rolled by mysterious elites who have a stake in the outcome. no doubt they are leveraged to win either way in both camps.

the media hypes it both ways and gives voice to the various pundits, BAU for TPTB but will TSHTF? yo! what’s your bag? to bug out? where? mars? a nice long trip on a 100 year star ship? see yah!