larning dee hard way by ak sid dent

i haz benn making me own brade for a number of yeerz now. i studied recipes on the inner net and even have a user’s manual for one machine.

what i had problems wiff iz uneven loaves. there is a precise relationship between water and flour. all brade machines want the dough ball to be compact near the end of the knead cycle. i often end up adding flour or water to get dat perfect dough ball.

when dee dough ball iz perfect it sort of stays in a lump when the rise cycle starts. that is to say it doan sag into the shape of the whole pan. even if duh dough haz too much water it always seems high on one side dan duh other.

quite by accident i decided to tamp duh dough ball down after kneading as the rise cycle starts. guess what, a real pro looking loaf of brade. i figger when dee dough is spread out even in dee pan it heets more even also.

the pan comes out of the machine. the baking chamber haz a heeting element dat raps around the space dee pan sits in. if duh dough ball ends up more to one side it stands to reason dat the heet isnt goan to transfer into the dough like it shud. i jest finished a loaf az i write dis. it is a real nice looking piece of brade.

all i done did do iz tamp duh dough ball down so it touched all sides about even.

i haint red nuttin about dis technique. it haint in dee user’s manual as a hint. so i found out dee hard way by accident.

in other nooze, i used solar plower to bake dis loaf. i hooked up a digital scope meter to the ac output of the converter while the brade machine wuz heeting and kneading. it outputted a nice clean undistorted sine wave better than wut i get from the utility company. boffins say dat pure sine wave inverters often revert to a square wave under heavy load. i guess duh brade machine didnt tax duh 600 watt xantrex. way coo-cool!


luck of the Dominican

dis Dominican dood i work wiff got fired in oct 2015. he wuz out for 2 months. he got hired back becuz he thought he wuz laid off and went to collect unem. the boss man denied him. dat iz another story.

when the Dominican returned he told me he bought a lottery ticket and won 5000 box. dat iz more dan wot he wud have got from unem. just thursday this week he told me he won 26 thousand box in another lottery.

i wanna know wot makes him lucky. how duz a feller, Dominican or not, hit the lottery twice in four months? iz it becuz he bought tickets in p-town? mebbe i shud start buying lottery tickets in pottysum, new jerky. but do they know iffen you be spanish, black or white? iz it some majik? a deal wiff dee devil? does gawd (or iz it gah-DUH!?) send hiz/her/itz blessing to doze dat need it?

i spent mebbe 20 box on lottery tickets over duh yeerz. i think they are ahead a few bucks. i always think of the lottery az a stupid tax. just becuz a coworker hits twice in four months should i decide to jump in? no thanks. if he won didnt thousands or tens of thousands, NAY!, hundreds of thousands of folks lose? wot about dem? did some deity curse dem for bean stupid? or iz it just bad goobermint? instead of seeing dat working class wonks make a good wage to live and raise a famblee dey let corporations offshore work and desperate folks play the lottery hoping to hit big? iz dat really good for society?

even thought the Dominican played pick numbers, which may be hard to rig, even if it wuz, some folks wud still hit on doze rigged numbers. a big shot IT security guy from the powerball rigged the numbers for 10 yeers before he got caught.

hard work iz no guarantee of winning anything. working inna factory like i do haz ben very discouraging. i be pretty shore dat TPTB have dat rigged.

i have the POWER!


friday i stayed home from work becuz the plumber had to work in dee basement to fix some pipes. the guys replaced all the 40 yeer old copper pipes to the baff room wiff plastic. all color coded too. it cost a whole month’s take home. lucklishly i warnt considering goan to disneyland or doing anything discretionary fun like. the plumber probably iz doe.

friday wuz on common cold. it wuz so cold i wuz able to snap pix of eye snickles at dee park. saturday morning at 7 am red 20 degrees F. i went to another nearby parkand tuk pix of eye snickles deer.

it looked light over cast in dee early morning what wiff high cirrus rolling by the rising sun. however, when i got home the clouds left and bright blue sky prevailed.

so, you know, i rolled out dee solar carts and brewed coffee. den i decided to make brade. which is baking as i write dis. the sun is so much higher up in dee sky now at any time during duh winter. the ac/dc converters have an info display. both carts red 13.9 volts wiff no load. i hooked up dee spare panel to the cart baking brade to maintain voltage. the one i used for coffee haz already recovered.

no doubt about it, any one can use the power of the sun to do useful things with very little effort. it’s true i iz handy enough to cobble a cart together. i iz glad i am, i am.

i expect the roof top grid tied system to make/save me 5 bucks today. same on sunday and even monday. by off loading these small chores (coffee brewing, brade making, rice cooking) to the carts i save even more. anyone wiff gumpshun to read these historical records may notice dat i done did do lots of off loading through out the winter. now dat springing gesprunging i expect to be able to off load even more. and…the roof top system will be making/saving me much, much MORE!

who iz to say dat spring will be on common wet and cloudy? same wiff summer? or lots more sun and rain in goodly measure? what man can predict the future?

last winter the roof top panels were buried under 2 feet of snow goan on 3 months. it warnt like having solar power at all. last winter wuz 5-7 degree F colder than this winter. had an extended single digit run where as this yeer it lasted only 3 days.

no matter what, i am continuing the reliability study of the various subsystems i used to make the carts. all seems to be very robust.

solar never sleeps


last weekend it wuz bitter record cold. dis weekend it iz sunny and mild. at 11:38 am it bean 48 degrees F.

so you guessed it. i brewed coffee using an off grid independent portable photovoltaic energy storage system.

it seems i made lotz off coffee and bread and rice all using readily available sun light. all i had to do iz cobble together some high tech components. sure, dat cost up front but every day i brew coffee itz pay back time.

i noticed dat my utility, kokland electric, got a rate increase from the grape stake of new jerky BPU. it iz for “system reliability”. prior to the increase i wuz experiencing many momentary outages and some long ones. i want to know how dis rate increase cured all doze outages before they got a chance to do anything… very strange indeed.

but still, kokland haz demonstrated to me beyond doubt the unreliable nature of the service dey supply. i still fully intend to install an emergency off grid photvoltaic power storage system.

300 amp hour bat trees, 300 watts of PV panels with charge control and a 2000 watt inverter. this can run a 5,300 BTU A/C full time while the sun shines (you know, when it’s hot out), a 1000 watt oil filled space heater when the sun iz out and for a while at night, an entertainment center for hours and hours (32″ LCD tv, dvd player and sound system) and much much more! could even brew coffee, make bread and rice all at dee same time.

may the blessings of the sun be upon you.

big boss big asshole


my boss went to mexico on vacation. when he returned the first thing het told me iz dat i piss him off and i am an ass. ok…

two weeks later boss man goes snow mobiling. seems he had one brew too many and ends up wrapping hiz hade around a tree. hiz jaw is busted and wired up. he haz to have liquid food. cainT chew. he still manages to snarl orders at people.

some yeers previous the grape stake of new jerky wuz having an extended rainy spell. weather reports sed stay home, flooded road ways.”turn around dont drown”

well, dumb ass boss man decides to take hiz beemer SUV to dee gym,ends up stranded tO be towed out and SUV totaled.

around dat time he had so yaller sports car, a vet or porche, i doan remeber exactly. he put up a car shelter. semi cirle hoops wiff a canvas cover stretched over. the supervisor told him to stake it down. he sez no need. a gust of wind comes along lifts up the car cover in total and comes down on top the fancy yaller sports car wiff considerable damage.

it justs seems he haz no common sense but likes to think himself the smartest man in duh room.

he is arrogant and abusive of hiz position. he wants success but surrounds himself wiff low paid losers to save a buck. then duz completely off the wall dumb shit. yet he can say i piss him off and i am an ass.

he threatens every one wiff dismal termination without unem. thinks hez got every one by the ballz. mebb he shud look after hiz own stupidity first.

SHEESH! uhmerika iz finished. stick a fork in our asses and tuen us over.

a silver lining

silver iz currently about $15.50 an ounce plus, get this, $6.99 over spot per ounce. dat means duh real price of silver iz $22.49 an ounce physical.

if i buy silver now it haz to go over 23 uhmerikan dollars an ounce be foe i can cash in.

will it? i dunno. it might. silver haz gone much higher in dee past and also much lower. however, wiff all dee turmoil in stocks and big banks in trouble mebbe it will go up rather than down.

if i had spare cash i wud buy 100 ounces. dat wud “only” cost me 2200 uhmerikan dollars. if silver goes up to 30 bucks i cud make $800.

itz really queer the silver market is becuz when you buy “they” charge you a physical premium but when you sell, itz at spot. sort of a sucky deal, aint it?

i wuz thinking of making a minor purchase to influence dee price down. if a small fry buys at a price on the up tick then it tanks dat is discouragement.

however, dat iz exactly the time to buy even more.

example, i think silver will go high twenties. i buy at 16 but it drops to 10 then you buy lots more be foe rebound. the only problem iz i aint got no money. i just payed property taxes, 100 ounces worth at today’s price. i ax you, why aint dee streets paved in gold or at least silver?

the only bang for my buck i can get iz when a thug putz a gun in my face and robs me. what iz dee difference from a street thug or a hoodlum bankster on wall street? answer, the hoolum bankster steals more. you may say, ” the wall street bankster doeznt kill you”. mebbe. but wot iffen dat hoodlum bankster wants to start WWIII? lobs some @tommik bombs around while he sits in a luxury fall out shelter getting a blow job from some hot blonde? oh, just to make an extra buck. he calculated he can get $100 for each dumb ass uhmerikan citizen dat getz vaporized. dat bastid iz gonna do it!

february shiver me timbers


when i awoke on palintine’s day it wuz -11 F, minus eleven F. this is just be foe dee sun rose. now, at 10:50 am it iz -2.9 F.

it haz ben my experience dat february iz USUALLY dee coldest monf of dee yeer, not always just usually. for a pundit to say dat typical cold weather during february iz proof enough to deny global warming iz dee height of foolishness. well, at least for dee grape stake of new jerky. the dig got all thermometer iz now at new low record, the previous bean only minus eight F. however, this brutal cold iz only expected to hang around for 3 dayz instead, say, 8 weeks which i haz lived true in dee recent past.

it iz bright cleer sun. this sun light haz heeted my dining room to 70 F through dee pik chure winder.

the roof top solar panels have already generated 15 KWH to current time. HOT DAM! dat saved me $2.25 from duh electric co. i also brewed solar coffee. the solar cart system functioned at deez low temps.

i goan to buy some more panels and install on a south facing roof as an off line back up to run, say, an “r” conditioner or watch tv when duh grid goze down.

the utility company got a rate increase to improve the reliability of the grid. funny, i haznt any interruptions in service since DAT happened, very suspicious.

even doe nat gaz and oil iz way down electric bills go up. why iz dat?