feed the birds

i mentioned in an earlier post how march 2018 is positively the worst march i have lived through. 5 northeasters, 3 of them major and 2 minor. which is queer becuz february was more like march and march more like february. between january and the end of february i had 6 snow storms of 6 inches or more and a few 3 and 4 thrown in. but and a big BUT to boot all the snow melted from rain right after the snow or soon after the snow. 3 times i got 6+ and then switch to rain to turn into 1 or 2 inches of slush. that was very nasty indeed. i got 3 inches of rain infebruary. you can convert and calculate what that is in snow february saw many days in the 50’s F which also removed the fallen snow.

the 1st northeaster of march was 15 inches. i got 2 more northeasters of 15 inches plus and additional snow fall of 5 inches and one of 8 inches. not until the last week did temps moderate into the 40’s F.

after the second big northeaster, the day after, while i was snow blowing, i could hear the birds lamenting. very sad it was. i decided to buy a bag of bird seed and chuck it out but i didnt get around to it until after the last northester. this was good becuz now the seeds wont get covered by more snow. a 2 pound bag cost 11 bucks. i threw that out in 3 days. lucklishly i found some old bird seed and i am chucking that out.

the birds, finches, wrens, jays and cardinals along with a chipmunk, a squirrel and a vole have been munching on the bonanza.

i heard a cardinal singing with a full belly and the birds seem feisty and playful. the snow is finally melting. i can see my lawn in big patches. soon plants will bloom and there will be insects aplenty.

only if another big storm blows this way will i purchase more seed. when spring pops out the birds can fend for themselves.i still got a few days of scoops of the old seed to toss out.

the cat likes to sit in the window and watch the avian antics. i look forward to candid bird photos during more salubrious climate.

i wish it only tuk tuppence to feed the birds. it’s a serious hobby. i would hope some birds will hang around and eat insects. i try not to spray. i do target spray the house foundations for ants but dont saturate the whole property.

often animals will make it through the last big storm but starve waiting for the first bloom of spring. i expect no thanks from these creatures.

yes, many of my fellow humans are starving and i’ll warrant the reason they are starving is becuz other of my fellow humans want them to. i’ll have to discuss that in another post.


soylent green stationary bike generator

fuck my boss, fuck working, fuck being an uhmerikan!
this is what i do. i cant help it if everyone else is an asshat.

the evil boss from hell

my boss, i’ll call him joe (it’s a common name), told me on my first week that he was not going to help me, i shouldnt ask him anything.
once a month for 5 months he repeated that message. “get the fuck away from me”, “dont fucking talk to me” and other variations. joe is very profane speaker. being slick he always said these nasty things to me when others werent around to hear them. i wish i had a mini tape recorder and bugged him.
the only time he was civil to me is when he was covering his own ass. it was 3 days before the quality audit for recertification.
“mike (another made up name, meaning me) i know i havent trained you. sign these training documents and i’ll train you after the audit is over”. i knew he was lying. i signed them anyway. he was setting me up. 3 months from then he could say i was trained and how come i didnt know that training? 4 weeks now and he never mentioned training to me since. a good reason why i bailed. the company got 5 major discrepancies and 11 minor discrepancies that need to be addressed in 60 days. i laughed, HAH-HAH! of course joe blamed this all on others even though he is the quality manager.

he had another nasty habit which tied in with his unprofessional behavior towards myself.

although he would never discuss work related matters with me, he would rant about jason (another made up name). jason is the boss’s son. he told me that jason is totally incompetent and screws up everything. he doesnt know how to run a business and everything that goes wrong is jason’s fault. he also told me that jason is an alcoholic, beats his wife and neglects his children. almost every day and often twice a day he would launch into a jason bashing jag. he would often stand in the middle of the inspection room and go on these jags talking to everyone and no one as if he was the ring leader at the circus. he was quite enjoying himself basking in that spot light.

now that i think about it i never heard him say anything nice about anybody.
in fact, who ever wasnt around he would say nasty things about that person. i’m using some more made up common names.

when tony wasnt there he was an idiot, when tom wasnt there he was an idiot and the common thread through all was jason was an idiot.

he told me how he goes to church and helps people. well, actions speak louder than words.

he did talk about a big argument he had at a supermarket around thanksgiving. something involving a free turkey offer and other shoppers and the cashier and the manager. he was the customer from hell. that i can believe.

he bad mouths his father in law and as the mood suits him his son. his son is either a lazy sack of shit or a super genius.

then joe implies how he is going to fuck people up who mess with him. he complained a few times how he was ill used at some past jobs. i suspect that his coworkers compared notes, realized he is an ass and played him.

he has a pilot’s license,an FM radio operator’s license, worked on top secret projects at a bankrupt defense firm 40 years ago. hates his father and lots more. made custom motorcycles before it was main stream. he was over worked, did duties outside his department, fixed every one else’s mistakes, all sorts of conflicting snippets of his life he told me but never anything i needed to know to do my job.

i was floundering with out direction without assistance, without help and i was nervous and upset that i was trapped in such a toxic interpersonal business relationship. he did point out my mistakes. i suspect that his hatred for jason lead him to treat me poorly. jason hired me on. if i fail then that is another thing he can call out jason on for being incompetent.

when i left i emailed the boss and told him all this, especially how joe bad mouths his son. how could i have stayed there with such an nasty, evil person and told the boss without joe making my life even more miserable?

joe relies on the stockholm syndrome. that is where a person who is being tormented looks forward to being tormented.

some of the other people chimed in as filthy, dirty, laughing yes men and agreed with joe when he spewed forth his poison about jason.

i once said i wish i could walk around with a cup of coffee all day like jason does and joe replied in a split second without hesitating that the coffee was spiked with alcohol. joe said that jason’s coffee is stronger than irish coffee.

i decided not to get on joe’s good side any more. he willfully ignored me so i ignored him. unless he spoke directly to me i would not speak to him.

a few times he pretended he was interested in what i was doing. that is because the plant manager was there and i was discussing a technical issue with a coworker.

he told me not to talk to him so when i went to someone else with a technical issue he would get insulted “because i left him out of the loop”!

internet researchers of the future may be interested in how us people of the present lived and interacted with each other. maybe a future chas. dickens can use it as plot device.

looking at all the violence in the world today, and the many worlds theory of multiple earths, i suspect that in one of those alternate time lines that alternate me went berserk and bashed joe’s head in. i admire that me because this me is chicken shit.

i did ask jesus to help me. i know jesus can work miracles. there is precious little a “normal” person can do with the evil boss from hell. it’s all in god’s hands now.

i get treeted like a knee grow

i quit me job today becuz i felt like it wuz goan ter git me a hart attack. i haz only ben deer 5 months. itz my boss. he cursed me out on tuesday 13 of march. i wanted to get some advice about the proper rework of a product. he
sez in duh most fell voice, “get the fuck away from me, dont bother me. dont you know wut to do by now!”

during my 2nd week i axed him some technical advice and he flat out told me he isnt goan to help me and i shouldnt talk to him. in fact, he sed as much once a month for the 5 months i ben deer.

back in february we wuz having an audit to renew out quality system, a day before he comes up to me oncommom civil and ax me to sign this paper and this paper and this paper, etc. he sez, “i knowz i haint trained joo at all but sign deez and i’ll katsup after dee audit”. well, 4 months after dee audit i doan see no katsup nor moose turd neether. i suspect he wanted me to sign the training documents so he kan cover hiz ass and hang me out to dry. only a heel duz dat.

he made it kleer from day won i warnt welcome. during my 1st week i axed a coworker advice about paperwork and he comes in screaming at dee bowf of us why iz we talking? WTF?! damn, this guy is harsh.

i decided to find a new job back in february after the falsifing of training documents. i see jobs but 40-50 miles away. wut to do? i think and think, QUIT!
i feel better. i jest hard scrabble for a job and mebbe next won better environment.

now i noze wut a black man gets. only problem, eye iz white and so is me boss. i guess i must look like the guy who raped hiz daughter or mebbe he thinks i borrowed money off him and never paid it back OR mebbe i wuz supposed to give him a kick back. i doan know. maybe i reelly iz black. i got some strange cognitive defect weer i see my skin white but every won else sees black.

i tried my best without instruction and i made lotz of mistakes. everyone sez i should ax my boss but my boss sez doan ax him. well, i quit.

the owner axed me wut dee problem iz but how can i rat my evil boss out? wont he feint innocence and den make me life even more miserable? so i goze in to get me dollar calculator and i send an email to the owner telling him i quit and include the partikulars detailed about.

itz too late for me but i tied me boss’s hands. it will take only one other collaborating complaint to verify my accusations. besides, the fact dat i quit to avoid retaliation speaks volumes.

of course i herd nuttin from no won from the company. i knowz dey got the email becuz i sent a cc to me home account. it warnt as much to hammer me boss as it wuz to save me live. didnt feel like ending up in the horsepital wiff stress related injuries.

i even axed jesus to help me. wut man is more powerful dan jesus? i know from personal experience dat jesus can work miricules. besides who else can i turn to? you? (fart!) life in uhmerika is hard. every won tries to torpedo some won else to get ahead. itz extreme nastiness. this my second job where no won wanted to show me the ropes. it wuz just plain fuck you in yur face.

it could be i am missing the directives, i dont watch televison. i dont have a smart fone. mebbe i doan eat enough meat. something is amiss, something is afoot. itz all very queer.

knee grow britons

it wuz all over dee inter tubes early march. ancient britons of 6000 yeerz ago were black. “they” even had a picture of one such pussin. it looked like a young alec guiness in black face. every web site i usually visited had this story. well guess wut? a few weeks later a boffin comes out and sez dat deer iz now way we know wut the pigmentation of ancient pipplz iz.

it wuz all a bunch of crap. but…i seen pictures of london from the 1960’s. it wuz solid white. now britonz are all knee growz. datiz to say the complexion of briton when from lite to dark. itz a strange wold…

the vinter of discomboobalation

vinter 2017-2018

lots of klawdz. almost no snow through most of january. then…i got 6 snow storms ranging between 3-6 inches that got rained on and turned to 1-2 inches of slush/ice. plus i got one snow storm that was 1-2″ of slush/ice with 2 inches of snow on it. this was through february. oh, did i mention the rain? 3 rain storms with totals of 1-3 inches!

so march gets here. 1 week i get 15 inches of heavy snow. it wasnt quite wet but it wasnt fine dry powder, not by a long shot. then…3 days later i get 21 inches of the same stuff…

the only saving grace is that even a cloudy day in march with slightly above freezing temps will see shoveled areas clear up very nice indeed.

a few more inches expected on the heels of that. spring equinox in 10 days. now i have seen heavy snow twice in april. it is usually gone in a day or two. it does happen. most of march is still winter so i cant blame “gloppal warning” but i shore doan like dee timing.

i hear the birds lamenting. all master man is still at the mercy of unpredictable weather. climate is what you expect and weather is what you get.

becuz of short daylight and heavy klawdz all i could do is keep a charge on my solar carts. besides, i wanted them in reserve for any mains power interruption.
lucklishly, i did not experience any major long term black outs. during both storms the power blinked many time momentarily but did not go out. i did have a 3 hour outage in january during brutal cold single digit weather. lucklishly again it wus an on common sunny day and i wuz able to warm dee house wiff open winders.

i did get enough snow to bury the roof top solar panels for a few days each event. the panels are buried right now. well, eventually the snow will melt and warmer days will arrive and i can reduce consumption of mains electric.

in related news the day after the most recent blizzard i stayed home becuz the various goobermints are not prepared to quickly clean the roads. the utilities are unprepared to restore power to those unlucky customers.

i red on line dat a feller who got off dee highway at the exit i use to go to work drove over a live downed wire, got electrocuted, died and hiz car caught fire and was burned to a crisp. the 2nd day after dat storm i went into work and spoke to my boss about it. in fact, i mentioned it to everyone i could becuz it was very near the employment.

it is best to stay home and be safe rather than attempt to travel and possibly get killed. YOSH!

MARCH is “stop blaming white people” month

i just found out that march is “stop blaming white people” month. supposedly that is considered racist. which means blaming white people is ok.

the complete message is: “Accept responsibility for your own bad choices. Hug a white person!”

i’m cool with that. disclaimer, i’m a white person. in fact i am an old white man. i’m 62, that’s 17 in Celsius.

i didnt know that march was/is/will be special. it’s been going on for years but apparently some one or something has been suppressing this information. why?