canon sx150 is

there’s no doubt about it, i buy canon products. i think i get more bang for my buck. lot’s of pundits say canon is toast. canon products arent innovative. let’s look at the sx-150. firstly i bought knowing it is a discontinued model. still, each new model is a small change. i always buy discontinued models due to price drops. for instance, the sx-150 was had for $130!

the sx-150 is a point and shoot. it has 6.0mm-60.0mm f/3.4-56 zoom lens. it is a good quality lens for a long zoom. it is slow like many inexpensive p&s. it is intended for sunny days and flash. it can fit into a pants pocket but a jacket pocket is better. i use small gadget bags that can be confused with a man purse that a “metrosexual” might use. the sx-150 i have is red. it only has a LCD screen. it used 2 “AA” bateries. i use NMH rechargable and carry an extra set. sx-150 has a flip up flash. i use Av mode but it has P and Tv and scene and manual. as usual, the lens has a minimum aperture of f/8 but a wide range of shutter speeds. i usually adjust the ISO to keep my f/n and a fast shutter speed.

in bright sun and daylight conditions the sx-150 takes sharp, clear and colorful photos. in subdued light it has noise over 400 ISO but less than cheaper p&s. i have used it for long exposure city nightscapes.  i have found the sx-150 to be much better than  smaller and cheaper (equal to or less than$100) p&s. the sx-150 has a slightly bigger chip. it has more user controller options. there is a manual focus mode i find very useful. i like being able to set a shutter speed. for only 30 bucks more it is a much more useful camera.

is it a replacement for a DSLR? sure, when you dont want to lug all that gear around. is it a quick and responsive camera? in very bright day light, yes. in dimmer light one must plan ahead and anticipate the situation.

anyone who has used a canon product would feel familiar and comfortable using this camera.

i have noticed that cheap p&s are, well, cheap. they have a limited feature set or just acceptable picture quality. most have small lens aperture and short zoom range. the cheaper cameras depend on automatic settings with some specific set of specialize settings that may or may not do the job. the sx-150 is a very adaptable camera for an inexpensive long zoom p&s.

all the p&s i use i never set the ISO over 800. it is like a joke. the noise gets so bad it is almost unusable. the sx-150 takes nice ISO 800 photos. i almost always leave it on 400. i generally never use 200 or 100 except in bright sun or if i want to use a very slow shutter speed for creative reasons. at 100 or 200 the noise is not an issue.

in many respects i wish i had bought the sx-150 before i bought any cheaper p&s. recap, 10x zoom, full manual mode, many user options, very good image quality. is it a great camera? actually, yes, because of the price. the low price makes it a fine value. it is made in china.



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