solar powered oatmeal!


yesterday i cudnt make solar powered coffee. it bean heavy overcast all morning. around 1 pm the sun appeared clear and bright so i rolled the solar carts out to top dem off.

today, sunday, THE SECOND OF APRIL(!), i got 2 to 3 inches of snow. this is unusual but not unheard of. but the sun came out strong early about 8 am. i tuk a wok in dee pok and dere wuz no one around. lots of foe toe ops.

when i returned i rolled out two solar carts and brewed solar powered coffee. i have sylvania 3 1/2cup rice maker. it iz a “dumb” rice maker with out a CPU or a LCD screen. i just add water and rice push a lever and the thing cooks rice by weight. when done it switches to a low power keep warm mode. it consumes 340 watts. the glass lid cracked on me the last time i used it.

i went out and bought a new one but it is an eight cup model that consumes 380 watts. the glass lid dont fit, too big. what am i to do with the old rice cooker?

MAKE SOLAR POWERED OATMEAL! i used the microwave to cook oat meal. if a microwave is rated at 1500 watts it consumes 3000 watts. sure, “old fashioned” oatmeal only take 5 minnits in dee microwave but it bothered me dat i wuz beholden to duh man and hiz grid. i have 1000 watt sine wave dc/ac inverter but it aint powerful enough to jazz the microwave.

today i dumped the same measures of oats and water in duh rice cooker bowl and pressed the cook mode. i found a pot lid dat fit the bowl. in about 10 minnits the rice cooker went into warm mode. results: off grid oatmeal iz possible at 340 watts using three 32 a/h bat trees hooked up in parallel with a 40 watt PV panel juicing the whole thing and a modest 600 watt dc/ac sine wave inverter. although it wuz sunny cloudz did roll in wiff periods of heavy overcast. i wud daresay less dan ideal conditions. good thang i topped the carts off yister dee when sunny afternoon.

STICK IT TO DUH MAN! i am so very please wiff me self. i am pissed dat i didnt think of dis sooner. i could have ben saving all doze kwh charges from the utility company. better late dan never, say i.

the winter of 2015-2016 wuz particular warm. i saved six hunnerd uhmerikan dollars(!)in heating charges, it bean 9 degrees F warmer in february this yeer over last yeer. lots of sunny dayz and mild temps. same wiff january and december. so winter is over and itz april and i got snow wiff chilly weather predicted for the rest of the week.

i remember many a march frigid and snowy. i remember many chilly aprils wiff left over snow dat wudnt melt. i remember mays wiff frost every morning. i doan like dat but it happens.

will i get all duh snow in april i shud have got in all winter? wudnt dat disprove “gloppal” warming or cooling by keeping it averaged out? iz dis just the last hurrah of old man winter?

i doan kair. i can make solar powered oatmeal. and you can too! and much, much more!


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